In the wake of societal and technological shifts, the rise of Talent Experience continues to shape modern hiring and employee engagement practices. Watch our special event on demand to discover how Phenom enables you to tackle complex challenges, while meeting the experience expectations of candidates, employees, recruiters, and hiring managers. During the event, our product experts demonstrated real-world examples with results, platform overviews, and more!


Hiring Hourly Workers Fast with Intelligence & Automation

All organizations that rely on hourly workers are in a massive hiring spree — and industries such as food services, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing are under immense pressure to hire fast and fair. But rising wages and incentives aren't enough — automation and intelligence are essential to realizing results.

Our experts will demonstrate how you can fill high-volume roles by the thousands in less time, while delivering amazing experiences to candidates using text-to-apply campaigns, conversational chatbots, automated scheduling, and more.

Kumar Ananthanarayana

Executive Director of Product

Tom Tate

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Cliff Jurkiewicz

VP of Global Strategy

Building an Intelligent Framework for Employee Development & Retention

The pandemic has shifted where and how we work — forcing talent to move between industries, develop new skills, and for some, work remotely from anywhere in the world. Today’s talent has options, and employers must crack the code to keep their employees engaged and growing — or risk losing capable and high-performing workers.

In this session, you'll learn about a framework that leverages skills, competencies, data-driven career models, and AI to engage and retain employees. Our product experts will demonstrate how connecting career pathing, mentoring, ERGs, gigs, internal mobility, and a talent marketplace enable career development at scale and enhance the employee experience.

Jesus Latorre-Socas

Sr. Product Manager, Employee Experience

Josh Raymond

Product Manager, Employee Experience

Lindsay Mareau

Sr. Director of Solutions Consulting