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Justin Noll

September 20, 2017

Milton Hershey founded The Hershey Company in 1894 and it has since become an international sensation. Milton wanted his employees to enjoy coming to work every day by building Hersheypark so they and their families could unwind after a day’s work.


We’re excited to announce, that Hershey has taken their candidate and employee experiences a level deeper by implementing our Talent Relationship Marketing platform. As a result, they have an enhanced career site you should definitely check out.


Here’s more on The Hershey Company:


Industry: Consumer Goods
Company Size: 18,000+
Career Site Link: 
ATS Used: Successfactors


New Site Key Features: Personalization, LinkedIn Integration, Glassdoor Integration, Video Content, Job Recommendations and EVP on Job Description Pages, Job Recommendations Based on Location, Talent Community, People Detection, Predictive Job Search, Apply Mirroring, Responsive and Mobile-Optimized


hershey site

Here are a few enhanced features on Hershey’s new career site.


Job Recommendations Based on Location and LinkedIn
job recommendations

With large corporations, there are endless amounts of job postings to search through. But with Phenom People’s TRM platform, relevant openings are automatically aggregated to the top of the list based on your current location, keywords from your LinkedIn profile, and browsing history.


Strong EVP Content
strong EVP content

Every candidate wants to know what else they’ll receive in addition to compensation when working for a company. Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) are crucial to include on your webpage – it shows you value your employees and will increase applications. Hershey’s new career site makes it easy to find their inclusion, career development, health and financial benefit packages, and pay expectations.


Separate Global Sites
separate global sites

The Hershey Company is located in over ten countries around the globe from the US and Brazil to China and Malaysia. Hershey’s career site is available in eight different languages, and open job postings all instantly translate into the country’s language from the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner of the page.


Glassdoor Integration

glassdoor integration

An integral part of job searching is checking out the company’s reviews on Glassdoor. Most organizations opt into Phenom People’s Glassdoor integration as a one-stop-shop for the candidate’s research. It also proves that the company is completely transparent and knowledgeable on what people think and say about them, and this often wins major brownie points with applicants.


Apply Mirroring

apply mirroring

apply mirroring

Seamless transitions are highly preferred for your candidate’s experience. As you progress through a medium, you want to feel like you never left that medium or website. Apply mirroring eliminates that choppy movement so that as you advance through the application stages on Hershey’s new career site, you remain on the webpage that have the same theme, text, and images. Often times, when you click the “Apply Now” button on a job posting, the website will redirect you to an internal job board with a unique feel. With apply mirroring, advancing through the application is an easy process.


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Justin Noll

Justin leads marketing strategy and execution at Phenom People. He's passionate about marketing, technology, and merging those two with recruiting and talent acquisition.