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Derek Herman

June 27, 2019

Every company strives to build a captivating brand that attracts prospective clients or consumers. 

But what about prospective employees?

For decades, CSG, a global digital communications provider for organizations around the world, successfully brought in clients to grow their business. But when it came time to bring in new talent, they struggled.

After reviewing the state of their current candidate experience, Maximo Rocha, Executive Director or Talent Acquisition & Employment at CSG, and his team decided it was time to make some radical changes. They needed a single solution that not only integrated with their applicant tracking system (ATS), but also provided them with the tools to create an engaging career site, robust analytics, and more.

After adopting the Phenom Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform, CSG saw phenomenal results: a 377% increase in completed candidate applications—and that was only the beginning.



CSG Career Site

Out with the old technology, in with the new 

After reviewing the traditional systems CSG had used for years, it quickly became apparent that updating their technology was the first step towards making real improvement. 

To better attract candidates, they identified the following as the biggest requirements for their next investment:  

  • Robust data to drive strategic business decisions, including specific pages they visited, time spent on the career site, and conversions.

  • A compelling career site that attracted, engaged, and converted job seekers to candidates and could be easily maintained in-house.

  • A way to capture and nurture passive career site visitors with targeted email campaigns, ultimately expanding their talent pipeline.

  • Integration with their ATS, Workday Recruiting, to provide a seamless, efficient experience for recruiters. 

In addition to a career site that conveyed their strong company culture and employee value proposition (EVP), an integration with Workday Recruiting was essential. At the time, candidates who wanted to apply to a job were forced off of CSG’s career site to submit their application directly into a separate ATS, which increased drop-off and incomplete applies. 

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A Single Platform Solution

As the team searched the market for vendors, the Phenom TXM platform stood out. Between talent analytics, a personalized career site, CMS, and real-time integration with Workday, Phenom checked all of the boxes. 

CSG launched their new career site with an upgraded candidate experience. The Phenom and Workday Recruiting integration ensured candidates had a seamless, cohesive experience from job browsing to application submission. Plus, CSG had plenty of opportunities to showcase their company brand, including benefits and volunteer efforts.

CSG Career Site Community


CSG Career Site Benefits

Behind the scenes, Maximo’s team had access to all of the data, passive candidates, campaigning options, and more.

“The Phenom TXM platform allows me to campaign to candidates who never completed an application. You can’t put a price tag on that,” Maximo said. 

The Results—and Ongoing Improvements

CSG was thrilled with the results: 

  • 184% increase in career site traffic

  • 4 minute decrease in apply time

  • 3 minute average time spent on site

  • 377% increase in candidate applications


While CSG successfully transformed both their candidate and recruiter experiences, they continue to find new ways to make improvements for their entire talent journey. Stay tuned for future updates!


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Derek Herman

Derek leads the Marketing Communications initiatives at Phenom People. He engages with Phenom customers to spotlight their stories in the media.