IAMPHENOM Session: Intact’s HR Technology Story | Phenom

Derek Herman

April 26, 2018

“If you implement technology and you end up doing things the same way, you typically end up with the same results.”

-Ed Newman

If you aren’t familiar with Ed’s name, you will be after IAMPHENOM.


Ed has over three decades of HR, talent acquisition, and technology consulting experience. His passion lies in the candidate experience and increasing conversions of quality hires to build better companies. And as the Chief Evangelist at Phenom People, his speaker session with Intact will be sure to provide listeners with some great takeaways.


When we think about HR technology, we often think how it impacts the candidate - how it’s meant to attract and engage talent so recruiters can best source the right fit for the job. But, we don’t often think about how the recruiter is impacted. We overlook how technology can enhance best practices in management and how users can optimize the tool to get the biggest bang out of the company’s investment.


It would be naive to think that incorporating a technology platform will be the be-all end-all to hiring inconsistencies at your company. As Ed stated in this video, you can’t expect things to change if you continue to do the same things even with a platform in place.



Accompanying Ed from Intact will be Aviva Kraizel, Director of Talent Management, Denise Thompson, VP of Human Capital Management, and Fanie Lauzon, Director of Human Resource Management Systems. This session will provide Intact’s story about their need to make changes, how the Phenom People TRM platform played a role, and how their changes are positively impacting their talent acquisition strategy and candidate experience.

Don’t just read about these speaker sessions though. Reserve your seat today for IAMPHENOM to see them in-person and for a chance to network and learn about the innovative methods coming to HR and talent acquisition!

Derek Herman

Derek leads the Marketing Communications initiatives at Phenom People. He engages with Phenom customers to spotlight their stories in the media.