Phenom People and Glassdoor partner to bring company reviews to TRM platform | Phenom

Kristina Finseth

May 16, 2016

You can't build a relationship without trust. That is true of any relationship, but especially so with talent relationships. People won't want to work for your company if they can't trust the information you are providing them. They want third-party information from sources like Glassdoor, created by those who know what it's like to work for your company better than anyone else - your current and former employees.

As part of our mission to help phenomenal people and phenomenal companies find each other, Phenom People has partnered with Glassdoor to bring 11 million company reviews, CEO approval ratings, interview reviews and questions, benefits reviews, office photos and more to the Phenom TRM Cloud Platform.

[caption id="attachment_1488" align="alignleft" width="960"]Glassdoor reviews on GM career site Glassdoor reviews on GM career site[/caption]

Glassdoor content will be integrated into the career sites of Phenom People clients, as part of the Phenom TRM Cloud Platform, allowing employers to keep candidates engaged by providing them with relevant company and career research. Candidates will be able to see Glassdoor content such as employee and interview reviews, CEO ratings and salary information directly on the Phenom Hub Career Site.

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“Candidates value transparency,” said Brad Goldoor, Phenom People VP of Business Development. “They want employer brand information on what it’s like to work at a company, but what they really value are the perspectives and experiences of those who have lived it: your current and former employees. Featuring Glassdoor reviews on our platform will give our clients the ability to provide increased transparency to help them keep their ideal candidates engaged and give them the trusted information they need to make proper decisions."

What's more, Glassdoor content will be personalized to a candidate's interests and talent journey progress. Depending on the job category and positions a candidate views, the type of content they are presented will change to fit their interests. For example, if a person is looking at engineering jobs at a specific company, they will be served engineering-related company reviews and content.

Want to learn more about the Phenom People/Glassdoor partnership? Drop us a line.

Kristina Finseth