How RentPath Captured & Engaged 50,000+ Candidates on the Phenom CRM

Derek Herman

Attracting more job seeker traffic to your career site is a matter of improving its content and usability. But to nurture new and returning site visitors, companies need a place to view all talent and interact with them based on their interest and skill level.

RentPath—the leader in digital marketing solutions that empowers millions to find apartments and houses for rent—wanted to breathe new life into their candidate experience with personalized apply journeys while simultaneously increasing talent pools.

Stephanie Haigh, Director of Talent Acquisition at RentPath, led the charge to make this goal a reality. By selecting the Phenom Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform, she and her team discovered they were getting more than just a revamped career site. Phenom’s all-in-one platform empowered RentPath to instantly observe job leads on the site and store them in the CRM.

“Phenom originally was intended to be a career site for us. Then we learned about the CRM. It’s been amazing!” 

-Stephanie Haigh, Director of Talent Acquisition at RentPath

In just 90 days, RentPath witnessed an average of 10,000 career site visitors, with 22% being recurring job seekers. To date, RentPath has been able to track, record, and nurture 53,696 candidate profiles within the Phenom CRM.


For more of the story, read the case study and watch this video testimonial!

RentPath career site's homepage

More Bang for the Recruitment Buck

Instead of juggling multiple platforms, which can easily become an administrative nightmare, recruiters were able to spend their time where it counts: building relationships with candidates and filling roles with quality talent.

And the benefits didn’t stop there. In addition to providing a new career site and CRM, Phenom enabled RentPath to round out their talent experiences with three more integral features:

  • CMS: Design, redesign, and optimize the career site without involving external support.

  • Chatbot: Converse with and convert job seekers automatically on the career site.

  • Campaigns: Engage with active job seekers and nurture passive job seekers via job alerts and email.
    RentPath's career site chatbot answering candidates' questions


Energized Talent Experiences

Due to the AI-driven, hyper-personalized Phenom Career Site, RentPath’s candidate experience has improved. Instead of losing interest, candidates are captivated throughout the entire apply process because their specific needs and credentials help drive them to the right job.

The talent acquisition team’s recruiter experience is equally enhanced. The platform eliminates the guesswork and manual organization recruiters were tasked with prior to using the platform. The CRM and analytics identify the right talent for open jobs, the CMS affords the freedom to change the site’s look and feel, and the chatbot automates much of the screening process.

Phenomenal Results & Use Cases

Within 90 days, RentPath increased many of their key performance indicators:

  • 580% increase in job leads from campaigns

  • 246% increase in applications from those campaigns

  • 962 applications from 87 jobs posted

RentPath continues to expand on the Phenom TXM platform. In the future, they plan to utilize Phenom Internal Mobility & Referrals to enrich their employee experience.

Read the full case study to learn more about RentPath’s continued success.