Which FRIENDS Character is Your Candidate?

Derek Herman

“So no one told you recruiting was gonna be this way…
The role is tough, it’s fluff, what’s worse it’s just Monday…
Your candidates always disappear…
Go back to the drawing board, go search, or wait, it might not even be clear…”


It was in high school when I began to mentally assign my social circle with each of the FRIENDS cast. I'd find myself observing them in a room and search for the similarities. She’s quirky and loves songwriting just like Phoebe. He loves pizza and dating. He’s Joey. Shopping and getting her hair done are her favorite hobbies. Rachel. Hopeless romantic and brainy? Definitely Ross.


The 10-year-long sitcom series became an international sensation because of how relatable each plot line and character are in everyday life. That’s what made it so successful.


For recruiters, you can even relate FRIENDS characters to these six candidate types.



Attributes: Personable, Learner, Flirty
Passion: Fashion
Ideal roles: Assistant Buyer, Store Manager, Retail Sales Representative, Designer, PR Account Executive


Personal Shopper is FRIENDS cast Rachel and candidate


At first impression, Rachel is a fun, social butterfly. She’ll woo you with her spirit and lure you into pure admiration. Soon, you’ll find the best thing about hiring a Rachel: her hard work ethic. She may have recently cut loose from daddy’s credit cards but now she’s going to shine and prove her worth. Don’t underestimate her. She will rise up to be your rock star candidate and employee before you know it.


Get her in a role where she handles people day in and day out. They will enjoy their time with her and trust will come easily.


Bonus: If you’re uncertain of your outfit, ask Rachel’s opinion! She's the office fashionista.



Attributes: Driven, Competitive, Rigid
Passion: Cooking
Ideal roles: Chef, Food Stylist, Health Coach, Restaurant Manager, Baker, Sales Executive


A Monica is extremely ambitious and outperforms everyone's abilities including her own limits.


If it’s a quota carrying slot, get a Monica on the job. Aside from her love of the hospitality and restaurant industry, sales roles or director levels make the best positions for Monica. She will drive home the bottom line and bring in revenue to ensure that she and the company are at the head of the curve.


Bonus: Monica will keep her desk neat and tidy.



Attributes: Artistic, Agile, Idealist
Passion: Songwriting
Ideal roles: Choreographer, Creative Writer, Musician


Musician is FRIENDS cast Phoebe and candidate


Phoebes are perfect for a creative position. Whether she finds her niche in art, composing music, creative writing, or at an agency producing content for a company, give Phoebe a place to let her imagination run wild and watch the magic happen. Her funny quirkiness will keep her coworkers engaged!


Bonus: Let her clean your aura of all the negative energy.



Attributes: Practical, Analytical, Realist
Passion: Uncertain
Ideal roles: Accountant, Lawyer, Business Analyst, Physician Assistant


What most view as weakness about a Chandler’s unclear passion is really his strength. Practicality to a fault can lead to obscure passion because he views a hobby as just that, a hobby never to turn into a career. Where he lacks in idealism, he makes up for in analyzing facts. There’s no arguing truth. Chandlers remain loyal to their companies and produce consistent work every time.


When the tides change and Chandler has to make a difficult move, he’ll scour for answers and take a deep look at his personal and professional goals. When push comes to shove, he’s not afraid to make a daring decision.


Bonus: Listen to Chandler’s dry humor. He’ll make you smile with an almost brutally honest joke.



Attributes: Creative, Collaborative, Caring
Passion: Acting
Ideal roles: Actor, Non-profit Director, Marketing Executive, Advertising Executive


Actor is FRIENDS cast Joey and candidate


Joeys are similar to Rachels. Their charm will entice you and you’ll feel like friends instantly. Hiring a Joey will boost team’s morale with friendly funny humor. He’s highly teachable and will craft innovative ways to boost revenue and solve problems.


He works best in a team atmosphere. If you put him by himself, his work might suffer.


Bonus: Joey will provide you with some tips and tricks for your dating life!



Attributes: Scholar, Nurturing, Ambitious
Passion: Teaching
Ideal roles: High School Teacher, Professor, Scientist, Physicist


A Ross will do everything he can to impart his wisdom onto an audience. His knowledge is vast and you’ll most definitely learn some tidbit about a civilization from long ago. When you get him started, he’ll want to divulge anything he knows on the subject matter. Education professions are a great fit for someone like Ross.


Bonus: Make it your life goal to uncover something interesting about Ross’s personal life. He has owned a monkey and even developed a new music genre before! Ever heard of The Sound?


What character are you most like?