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Time-to-hire has been the gold standard metric in HR for decades—but are you neglecting critical data that can transform the way you attract, engage, and convert top talent?


Join us for a live webinar to learn about the key metrics you should be tracking to enhance your talent marketing and recruiting strategies.


Key takeaways include:

  • How to measure career site performance

  • Key insights to track job analytics and the hiring pipeline

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For many job seekers, their first impression of your employer brand is not your career site—it’s your post on a job board or social media platform such as LinkedIn.


Talent branding across all channels is critical to delivering a seamless candidate experience that engages and converts best-fit candidates.


During this panel webinar with the talent experts at Recruitics, you’ll learn best practices for showcasing your company culture and implementing consistent messaging across various platforms in a way that’s intuitive for job seekers.


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Only 33 percent of employees are engaged at work, costing companies as much as $550 billion each year. As a result, organizations are investing more time and energy into fostering a better employee experience.

Watch this panel of CHROs from leading brands as they share their perspectives on the importance of engaging internal talent.


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New legislation is banning the dreaded yet helpful, “What is your current salary?” question to candidates. In the US, the ban has taken hold in Oregon, California, Massachusetts, Delaware, and some select cities. But without it, it’s difficult to gauge if your comp plan is competitive and helping or hurting your talent acquisition.

It’s an employee’s market with the US unemployment rate at an all-time low of 4.1%. Candidates can be and are more selective with where they want to work.

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Introducing new technology at any organization is a painful process. Between the difficulty of integrating with legacy systems, synchronizing data, and long-term maintenance, it’s a hassle few HRIS/IT teams want to experience.


However, most HR teams will agree that potentially game-changing technology is non-negotiable.


During this live webinar, you’ll learn how to gain the necessary buy-in from HRIS/IT during the vetting process. Key takeaways include:


  • Tips for managing HRIS support

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Recruiting and retaining top talent in today’s competitive landscape can be difficult tasks for even the most recognized and respected brands. You have to get creative, and we are here to help.

Phenom People’s Chief People Officer, Brad Goldoor, and Director of Talent Acquisition, Keca Ward, discuss:

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Our annual State of Candidate Experience report exposes the successes and challenges of the Fortune 500 digital candidate experiences.


During this webinar, we’ll unpack our findings from the report and review how the Fortune 500 are attracting, engaging, and converting job seekers. You’ll also learn:


  • Fortune 500 company rankings and industry breakouts

  • Candidate experience trends

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CRM for recruiting and talent acquisition is a necessity for attracting talent in today’s world. But how do you know what capabilities CRMs should offer, and what will keep you ahead of the curve? The truth is, CRMs can offer a ton of great functionality if used correctly.


Check out our demo of the Phenom CRM to find out how to achieve results that blow away your expectations and produce a highly engaging candidate experience. During the webinar, you’ll learn:


  • CRM must-haves