How to Get Ahead of “The Great Resignation” with Exceptional Employee Experiences

Retain & engage your top talent

Organizations face the risk of employees leaving their jobs to pursue new opportunities. And employers must put the employee experience first to retain them. 

Talent management teams and managers must have a solid understanding of the intrinsic needs their employees have: they want to feel they are doing meaningful work, know they are valued, and have support from the organizations they work for.

Watch on demand as Steve Goldberg, VP and Research Director, HCM Practice at Ventana Research, and Jonathan Dale, VP Marketing at Phenom, explore the essential strategies for redesigning the employee experience to boost engagement and retention. During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Ways to support employee growth & career pathing at your organization 
  • How to leverage AI & automation to support the employee experience
  • How the latest technology brings hyper-personalization, engagement, analytics, and more

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Jonathan Dale
VP of Marketing

Jonathan Dale

Steve Goldberg
VP and Research Director
HCM Practice, Ventana Research

Randy Goldberg