Learn how to identify channels for candidate discovery, and creative ways to amplify your employer brand.

The rules for work have changed for candidates and employers alike. Employers must use a series of creative tactics to get discovered by candidates.


In the new rules of work, candidates are no longer visiting a career site directly and applying to a job. They are engaging with multiple touch points and researching a number of different channels. As an employer, you need to make sure you're building your employer brand across multiple channels so active and passive candidates have ways to discover you.


Join Tiffany Eckelberg, Director of PR and Communications at The Muse, and Ed Newman, Chief Evangelist at Phenom People and Chairman of the Talent Board as they discuss how to identify channels and create strategies that will help you amplify your employer brand.


They dig into:

  • The new ways candidates are searching
  • How to identify channels for discovery
  • Creative ways to amplify your employer brand