Attracting Gen Z with University Recruiting | Phenom

Optimize on-campus presence, engage talent, and drive recruiter efficiency

Every talent pipeline needs a steady stream of candidates, including tomorrow’s top talent. Considering 84% of Generation Z prefer communicating face-to-face, you need to make a memorable first impression at on-campus recruiting events. With University Recruiting, you can:

  • Attract, engage, and nurture A+ talent at all stages. Send email & SMS campaigns to drive attendance and follow up after events, schedule interviews on-site, and more.
  • Run smoother campus events. Use the mobile app to take traditional analog processes digital, such as viewing resumes and writing down notes, to save time on site.
  • Track event ROI. View attendee conversions for each event you attend, including registered-to-hired metrics.


  • Andrew Ward, Product Manager
  • Jonathan Dale, VP of Product Marketing
  • Devin Foster, Product Marketing