Internal mobility platform provides instant referrals to employees for better hires

Fact: Referrals are the best way to get your highest-quality candidates. 

Question: How do you get more referrals from your top employees? 

Answer: Make it easy for them!


Learn how the right technology powered by AI makes it simple for employees to initiate the referral process.


  • Three most impactful steps in the referral process

  • Proven methods that encourage referrals beyond cash

  • Important role AI plays


This thought leadership webinar will conclude with a short technology demo of the Phenom Internal Mobility & Referrals covering best-fit referrals for all job reqs, job sharing for social networks, conversion analytics, and referral tracking.


Presented By:

  • Paul Campman, Director Enterprise Business - Europe
  • Sumita Mehta, Senior Product Manager


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