Do you need Talent Relationship Marketing? This ebook will help you decide. Learn how TRM is transforming talent acquisition.

Recruiting is hard. Companies are spending billions of dollars each year in fierce competition with their top rivals to attract and woo top talent. That money is largely being wasted, as companies struggle to engage with candidates whose behavior and job search patterns have changed significantly in recent years.


TRM systems are used by companies to manage the talent relationship lifecycle of their current and future candidates. It makes the experience of finding a job and acquiring talent more efficient and effective by helping candidates find the right jobs and making recruiters more productive. Talent Relationship Marketing transforms the efficiency, effectiveness and experience of acquiring talent.


The TRM checklist

Select all that apply to your company:

  • You need a new career site.
  • It’s difficult to engage candidates.
  • There’s a high rate of incomplete applications.
  • You can’t see who’s visiting your career site.
  • There’s no way to nurture applicants.
  • You don’t have insight into ad spending.
  • It’s hard to identify quality candidates.