Not Just Free Beer: Cultivating a Compelling Company Culture | Phenom

Aligning your internal and external culture to retain & attract top talent

Organizations spend so much time, energy, and resources building a great company culture. But is it working? Too often, companies fail to align their internal culture with their external brand—which threatens employee retention and prevents job seekers from truly understanding how your company stands out from the competition.


Join Keca Ward of Phenom People and Jason Nazar of Comparably as they discuss what makes a great company culture, and how to create one that drives employee loyalty, elevates your company profile, and boosts organizational growth. During the webinar, they’ll cover:


  • Why leadership needs to embrace a meaningful company culture 

  • Scaling a future-proof culture for high-growth companies

  • What candidates really want to know about your company culture

  • How to align your internal culture with your external brand

  • The importance of active reputation management