Discover what a panel of industry experts believe the future of artificial intelligence has on talent acquisition

Today’s society is surrounded by technology. Everyone has to have the latest gadget to remain relevant in their social circle and even in their professional development. Unlock your phone through facial recognition. Order a pizza with an emoji. Call a ride to pick you up and take you wherever you want. Check your papers for plagiarism.

So it’s no surprise that talent acquisition has adopted its benefits. It has taken a majority of the administrative tasks from recruiters’ work days.

This panel comprised of employer branding executives, recruiting professionals, tech gurus, and CEOs offer their predictions on how technology will influence recruiting through various methods:

  • Bots that remove bias from job descriptions to cater to a larger audience

  • Virtual reality demonstrating company culture and the job’s responsibilities

  • Other multimedia forms of communication besides email and telephone

  • Advancements in artificial intelligence that are implemented and proven

  • Marketing automation that sources candidates similar to how a lead generator initiates the sales cycle

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