Learn how today's technologies impact the way candidates search for jobs, and how companies attract, engage and convert top talent.

In today's digital world, technology has created a whole new set of expectations for people - especially as they shop online, listen to music or watch movies. They expect the type of experience that is personalized to them, their past actions, and their unique journey.


In this webinar, Tim Pröhm, Senior Director - RPO Center of Excellence for KellyOCG, and Ed Newman, Phenom People's Chief Evangelist discuss the intersection of digital and talent acquisition, and how the tech landscape is changing the candidate experience.


They dig into:

  • How today's technologies impact how candidates search, navigate and apply to jobs
  • The changes driven by tech in the way companies source, attract, recruit and convert top talent
  • On the cusp tech revolutions playing an even larger role in 2018 and beyond