A review of 600 of the world's largest Fortune 1000 companies.

The expectations of today’s candidates have changed. They are no longer job hunters, but savvy shoppers. Candidates in 2017 expect more out of their job search – more information, more relevant job and content recommendations, and easier ways to apply.


These expectations are shaped by their favorite e-commerce experiences from shopping on Amazon to watching their favorite shows and movies on Netflix.


This report details the results of the Talent Relationship Marketing audits of 600 of the world’s largest Fortune 1000 companies. It provides key insights into where companies are excelling and falling short when it comes to the candidate experience, from the first to last part of the process. In turn, this can help you identify key areas of improvement to the candidate experience within your company, including:


  • Career site architecture
  • Personalization of content and job recommendations
  • Search structure, functionality, and ease of use
  • Quality and presence of career site
  • Job application design and functionality

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