We compiled a list of the most noteworthy lessons you can take and immediately apply to improve your life and work as a talent acquisition professional.

IAMPHENOM had one goal: to provoke mindfulness, happiness, and inspiration.. At the event, all attendees were intrigued with the nine speaker sessions, two panel discussions, product demos, fireside chat, and networking events.

If you missed out on this year’s IAMPHENOM or attended but want a list of the key takeaways, we put together this mini eBook for you. It’s the next best thing to experiencing the main event. We are sure you will want to come for next year’s IAMPHENOM after reading more about these highlights.

  • Five practices to become happier - Neil Pasricha

  • How to become a category designer, not just an entrepreneur - Dave Peterson

  • Innovative ways to recruit with video - Brad Goldoor & Keca Ward

  • Why tech will never replace people - Leona McCharles

  • How applying neuroscience builds better companies - Dr. Michael Platt

  • And more...

Download this mini eBook, and begin applying these practices to better your work and life!