Identify internal skill gaps and future-proof your organization.

Stay ahead of the competition with insight into existing skills across your organization, as well as emerging trends that are shaping your industry. With Skills Gap Analysis powered by Phenom AI, HR can proactively identify resource allocation and establish internal learning plans to mitigate skill shortages.

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Build talent pools

View the current distribution of skills to inform talent acquisition and development.

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Engage employees

Leverage internal talent whose skills align with gaps in the organization.

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Plan ahead

Use insights to plan future roles and start pipelining.

Skills Gap Analysis

View company-wide skills inventory

Gain a pulse on the current skills across your organization and identify gaps by benchmarking against industry standards. Drill down by location, job category, job title, and more.

Skill gap analytics

Identify skill gaps and hard-to-fill roles

Determine where to invest talent acquisition resources by understanding skills in internal vs external talent pools.

employee development dashboard
employee development
Employee Development

Create upskilling opportunities

Fill critical skill gaps by enabling talent management to establish opportunities for employee learning, gig work, and career pathing.

"Having a tangible, transparent way to show employees we want to keep and develop them is a big step ahead for us — and it’s just the start."


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