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North Highland—a global consulting firm—wanted to transform the candidate experience they were providing job seekers. They hoped to accomplish their goal by implementing and utilizing:


  • A new career site that integrated seamlessly with their current ATS

  • Email campaigns to engage active and passive job seekers

  • Reliable analytics to optimize their sourcing strategies


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To gain a competitive edge against the competition and win the war for talent, recruiters need a faster, more reliable way to build a thriving talent pipeline. Our first-ever Chatbots for Recruiting Benchmarks report reveals the critical role a chatbot has throughout the entire talent journey.

After analyzing over 20 million candidate interactions across 100+ customers with a chatbot, we created this must-read report on the latest chatbot trends.

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If you’re in talent management, you probably know by now that we are in a candidate-driven market, and over half of your employees are looking for other opportunities. What you might not realize, however, is that it’s more important than ever to understand the true cost of losing your employees—which is more than just the millions of dollars it takes to replace them.


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For successful company growth, companies need to optimize their talent experiences—starting with the candidate. Our annual State of Candidate Experience report is here to inspire effective change. 


We audited career sites of the Fortune 500 based on Attraction, Engagement, and Conversion to bring you this must-read report on the challenges and successes of the candidate journey. 


In the fourth annual report, you’ll learn the latest candidate experience trends, as well as:


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The talent experience is broken. Between a talent shortage and ever-evolving technology, HR struggles to keep up. It’s time to catch up by redesigning the entire talent journey with a new holistic approach: Talent Experience Management (TXM).


TXM connects every interaction throughout the talent lifecycle for candidates, recruiters, employees, and management. By collecting and connecting this data, HR professionals can deliver hyper-personalized experiences for everyone. The result?


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Teaming up with our partner, Stories Incorporated, we compiled the most useful recruitment marketing content for employers to best connect with candidates.


This guide is complete with real-life company examples showcasing how various content personalizes the candidate experience. Employers looking to update their strategy should include these assets on their AI-powered career sites:

  • Employee video testimonials

  • Search functionality

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In the HR world, there are plenty of legal obligations we have to tiptoe around—and for good reason. But then there are those unwritten rules—the ones we know (or don’t know) we should abide by to ensure the entire talent experience, from candidates to recruiters to employees to management, is a phenomenal one. 


And that’s why we created this book—to have a little fun and give an (overdue) shoutout to the under-the-radar rules we follow on a daily basis. These talent codes include:

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How artificial intelligence develops the formula to solve Talent Acquisition’s biggest challenges:

  • How do I attract talent vs. chase it?
  • How can I reduce time to hire?
  • How do I retain top talent?

In this eBook, learn how Talent Signals fuels AI to identify the right candidate for the right role.

Download the eBook Now: