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What is Inside:

Virtual recruiting is the new normal for HR. Without face-to-face interactions, many recruiters struggle to establish personal connections and showcase their amazing company culture.

Join us for a live webinar on Thursday, August 6 at 2PM ET / 11AM PT to learn how to attract best-fit job seekers with compelling videos, blogs, and career site content throughout their journey. In less than 45 minutes, you’ll discover:

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What is Inside:

People crave personal connections, especially when looking for the right job. Candidates and recruiters discover the right fit through conversation and exploration. A quick phone call, a handwritten note, or a thoughtful text message can create meaningful moments in the talent experience.

But how do we do this consistently and at scale when there are far more candidates than recruiters?

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It's more important than ever to use a unified platform that spans the end-to-end talent experience, from a prospect's first career site visit to an internal employee's next step in their career.

Whether you are recruiting remotely, upskilling existing employees, or pipelining for recovery, we'll share what’s possible when leveraging Phenom's AI, chatbot, CRM, automation and analytics to create meaningful moments, discover top internal and external talent, and gain key actionable insights along the way.

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What is Inside:

With so much time, effort, and spend that goes into hiring a new employee, it’s up to talent management to retain an organisation’s hard-earned talent.

Learn how to design an engaging employee experience that focuses on their professional development, whilst meeting the dynamic needs of your business. In less than 45 minutes, you’ll learn best practices for:

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What is Inside:

HR teams have experienced unprecedented challenges in 2020. As industries begin to recover, the agility and resiliency of organizations will be tested. Talent experience will be paramount, and your brand will be influenced.

View this on-demand webinar with Danielle White of Collaborative Solutions and Brad Goldoor of Phenom and learn how to manage workforce recovery ahead, and beyond!

We’ll cover the Strategic Workforce Management Framework – a tool to guide your organization through recovery. You’ll also learn:

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What is Inside:

Working together and being productive at home is the new standard for work. How can we ensure and adapt the experience HR creates for candidates and employees is a great one?

In this on-demand webinar, Joyce Cornelissen, People Manager at Phenom Europe, explains how HR can make an important difference in continuing and maintaining the home-work revolution. Key takeaways include:

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What is Inside:

From video interviews to virtual recruiting events, many of us have transitioned to a virtual world. But is it an accessible one?

As we continue moving towards digital experiences, it’s important to ensure every candidate touchpoint—whether on a career site or with a chatbot—is inclusive. Not only will this help job seekers today, it will also future-proof your candidate experience long after the economy recovers.

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What is Inside:

30+ million people have filed for unemployment in the last few months. But there is one group that is expected to bear the brunt of the economic crisis due to the lack of job opportunities and internships: Generation Z. 

Whether you’re hiring now or preparing for the future, there will be a new batch of workers eager for lower entry-level positions and gig work to gain experience. 

Learn tips on how to best communicate and engage with recent grads. In less than 45 minutes, you’ll learn:

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Like many companies, health insurer Florida Blue, a Guidewell Company, relies heavily on events to connect with candidates and turn them into potential employees. But in-person career fairs and hiring events are impossible right now. How are they adapting their recruitment strategy to meet the increased demand for member care specialists?

By spotlighting a series of virtual events on their career site, Guidewell has been able to increase their reach and boost applies.