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For today’s job seekers, a company’s career site is usually the first impression they have of that brand. Although an engaging, intuitive experience drives more interest and applies, many companies miss the mark.


In The State of Candidate Experience: 2020 Benchmarks report, we analyzed and ranked the candidate experiences of the Fortune 500, revealing the biggest successes and challenges throughout the digital candidate journey. 


Check out this infographic for key findings from the report!


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Employees are quitting their jobs at an alarming rate—and for reasons that are largely preventable.


As organizations continue to fail their employees, productivity and profitability suffer. Action must be taken to retain talent and eliminate experience thrash.


Check out this infographic to learn more about the challenges employees face, and how you can address them.



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Not all websites are fully accessible to people with disabilities. In fact—most of them aren’t. Besides inhibiting access to all digital content, that also means corporate career sites are keeping a billion people from searching and applying to jobs.


To help illustrate the problem, Phenom People conducted a study of Fortune 100 career sites. The results may surprise you.


Check out this infographic to learn more about the study, and be sure to share it to spread awareness about this issue.


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Phenom People is a Workday Certified Select Partner for candidate experience—which means we are one of the only solutions that not only provides you with a hyper-personalized career site to attract active and passive candidates, but also the tools you need to nurture candidates and get better insights from your ATS data.


In this download, you’ll learn 3 critical ways you can improve the candidate experience, boost productivity, and maximize your recruiting efforts with Phenom People + Workday Recruiting.