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With a variety of solutions available today, look for a chatbot that is powered by conversational AI and meets these five core functions: sourcing, job search and apply, screening, scheduling, and answering candidate FAQs. Once you choose the right chatbot for you, there’s one more thing to do before it can interact with candidates: power it with content.

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2017 was a year of change for talent acquisition. Hot topics included recruitment marketing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internal mobility, and lots of buzz on the future of work.

With the significant advancements seen in HR tech recently, 2018 will be the year that more organizations begin to invest in technology solutions that will help their talent acquisition teams create a better candidate and employee experience.

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A candidate persona is a representation of what the ideal candidate for a particular role at your company looks like.


Your candidate personas should be a healthy balance between the aspects of your company that a rock star candidate would be attracted to and the skills, personality, and background you're looking for in that candidate. 


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A candidate journey map defines all of the interactions a candidate may go through when applying to jobs, and even as they become an employee. The map provides a way to visualize and effectively analyze how a candidate reacts to and engages with your EVP throughout the recruiting process.


Developed completely from the candidate's perspective, the journey map captures each individual's needs, wants, and interests along with the steps they take to navigate your process.