Kristina FinsethJuly 06, 2017
Topics: Recruiter Experience

5 of the Most Creative Job Ads We've Found

Whether we are talking about novels, articles or blogs, I’m a sucker for creative and unique content. The same goes for job postings and advertisements. Back in “the day,” job postings were known for being informative, and an exact replica of the job description.

Of course, many companies are still regurgitating their boring job descriptions up on their career sites, job boards, and social media. However, there are a lot of organizations setting the bar for others with some pretty darn creative job postings.

A creative and appealing job posting or advertisement isn’t an exact replica of the job description. It is a representation of what you’re selling (i.e. your employee value proposition, culture, benefits).

It shows a candidate what you’re looking for in a successful addition, and what’s in it for them if they choose to work for you over another organization. Most importantly, it makes potential candidates feel connected to your employer brand.

With those components in mind, here’s a look at five of the most creative job postings and advertisements we’ve come across lately.



MailChimp gets an A+ for creativity in their job postings. They use real people, show a fun and creative culture, and effectively target certain candidate personas they are looking to attract to the organization.



This job posting is simple, but it shares two very important things to potential candidates. First, the opening statement, “We do it for love,” shows that the organization has passion and employees truly love what they do. Second, they talk about snacks – a lot. What more could you want?



With so much Uber controversy in the news the last few months, Lyft is looking like a pretty darn good option for drivers. What’s even better is that their job posting appeals to people not looking for a traditional nine-to-five job. They are pulling on the heart strings of people looking for supplemental work or work-life balance, choosing the hours that work for them.

Fossano & Co. Barbershop


I’ve never wanted to work for an Australia-based barbershop, but after seeing this job posting, I just might change my mind. The posting is simple yet effective in showing the humor of the employer brand. Get it? They use an alcohol-based liquid to clean their barber equipment.

Southland Bus Drivers


I used to recruit in the educational field, and finding bus drivers was a hard task. It isn’t a full-time job, and you’re usually driving in the morning and then in the afternoon – and you’re done. These job postings from Southland are creative in trying to attract individuals who are interested in making a decent income, forgo any type of overtime work, and have attractive time off.


What other job postings or recruitment ads have you seen that caught your attention?

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