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Meet high-volume and front line staffing targets up to 90% more efficiently with AI-led process automation and personalization. See it in action

Shrink time between "hello" to hire from days to minutes

  • Overcome Hiring Hurdles

    Use AI-based workflows to remove redundant processes that can clog your volume hiring pipeline.

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  • Balance Recruiters' Priorities

    Automate for high-volume and seasonal staffing surges while freeing up time for professional hiring.

    Unlock efficiencies
  • Make Every Minute Count

    Gain a competitive edge by quickly connecting candidates with jobs, interviews, and hiring managers.

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Make high-volume job filling faster, frictionless, and flexible

Guide candidates through relevant job postings based on skills and location, prescreen for required qualifications, and move them on to the next hiring stage, based on prioritized job openings.
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Example of a chatbot conversation with a job seeker on a career site on a transparent background
Automated screening, scheduling and hiring workflows on your choice of career sites.
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Sample conversation of a job seeker engaging with a chatbot to show the automated sourcing process powered by Phenom AI
Use AI-powered interview scheduling to automate time-consuming recruiter and hiring manager meeting coordination with eager job seekers.
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Two screengrabs of interview times and dates on a calendar through the Phenom AI Scheduling feature available within the recruiter experience software
Qualify candidates with speed and confidence. Streamline the screening process for recruiters, save time for hiring managers, and deliver great first impressions for candidates via video, audio, and text responses.
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One-Way Video Interviews
Make it easy for hiring managers to evaluate interviews and video assessments, and collaborate on team feedback — whether remotely or on-site.
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Image of four different graphs depicting talent analytics and statistics to help hiring managers make data-driven decisions
Minimize recruiter intervention as candidates automatically progress through a personalized application and hiring process.
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Send candidates 1-to-1 and 1-to-many SMS messages to quickly promote open roles, upcoming events, follow up on interviews, arrange next steps, and communicate offers.
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Three screenshots of SMS text messaging campaigns on desktop and mobile views on a transparent background
Strike a balance between quantity and quality in your high-volume hiring processes with pre-hire assessments.
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Phenom Assessments - reading & listening comprehension

Unlock high-volume hiring efficiencies

Fill critical roles in record time

Learn how AI and automation can streamline hiring for hourly and frontline employees in all industries. Book a Demo

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