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Meet high-volume targets efficiently with automation and personalization.Book a Demo

Organizations are failing to deliver a fast and frictionless hiring experience for hourly and frontline roles.

  • 92% of candidates who click apply fail to complete the process

  • 70% of job seekers lose interest if they don’t hear back within one week of their interview

  • 33% of TA professionals spend ⅓ of their workweek sourcing for a single role

Customize automation to meet your hiring goals

Phenom empowers the world’s leading brands with flexible, customizable automation that speeds hourly and frontline hiring.

Phenom Customers who infuse automation into their hiring processes realize substantial efficiency gains

Blazing speed, phenomenal experiences.

  • 200% improvement in engaged candidates

  • 188% increase in job application completion rate

  • 400% more candidates screened and scheduled

  • 4-6 less recruiter hours spent per candidate

Of the 50 million candidates who go through the Phenom platform each month, 1 million have a fully automated hiring experience. By the end of this year, automation will benefit 10x this amount of candidates — and 5 million hours will be saved by hiring teams in the process."

Bill VenteicherSenior Director, Product Marketing, Phenom

Automate the hiring process with Phenom

Fill your talent pipeline by attracting, engaging, and converting candidates with hyper-personalized content and relevant job opportunities.

Go from hello to hire in 3 minutes or less →Engage candidates with a chatbot that screens and matches people to the right job →Use multimedia tools to put your best foot forward →
Phenom Hiring Automation - Chatbot

Discover the power of automation with Phenom

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Discover the power of automation with Phenom

If you’re ready to see how Phenom automation can fill critical roles in record time, book a demo today.

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