Automate and convert candidates at scale

Spend less time searching for top talent, and more time building quality relationships. Phenom Bot, our conversational chatbot powered by AI, captures leads, answers questions, automates screening and scheduling, and connects job seekers with best-fit job opportunities.

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Convert More Talent

Connect job seekers with the right roles through friendly conversation and an easy apply process.

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Automate Tedious Tasks

Empower your recruiters to spend less time doing admin work and more time nurturing talent.

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Increase Pipeline 24/7

Keep the conversation going with active and passive leads, even after standard business hours.

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Reach the right candidates faster

Phenom Bot asks candidates questions to learn more about their needs, and tailors the entire conversation based on their responses.

An animation of a chatbot asking a candidate about how many years experience they have
An animation of a chatbot showing the candidate a job description
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Job Search & Apply

Connect the right candidate with the right role

Candidates searching for jobs within Phenom Bot will receive personalized job recommendations, where they can apply directly to the position.

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Qualify talent before the first recruiter interaction

Candidates can be qualified with Phenom Bot using knockout questions for a concentrated talent pool, and arrange next steps for an interview.

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Schedule interviews with qualified talent

Candidates who successfully meet the criteria for a job are offered time slots for an initial phone interview through the chatbot.

An animation of a chatbot offering time availability options
A photo of a candidate asking the chatbot if they will be compensated for overtime
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Candidate FAQs

Answer their most pressing questions

Candidates can ask Phenom Bot questions and get accurate, automated responses from an FAQ knowledge base that you can manage.

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Chatbot Analytics

Optimize campaigns with valuable metrics

View how often candidates are engaging with the chatbot, what questions they’re asking, how many leads you’re capturing, and more.

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"We have a 96% apply rate through the Phenom chatbot, which is amazing."


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