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i’m renee

Meet Renee. She’s a recruiter at your 
organization who just posted an urgent 
role, but has received few applies. To 
build her pipeline, she searches for 
candidates already in the Phenom CRM 
who might be a good fit.


shifting activity into productivity.

After filtering candidates by job skills and experience, fit scoring allows Renee to identify a handful of best-fit individuals for the role. She can also view other employees who are connected to that candidate, positions they previously applied to, and other job recommendations based on their fit score.

Shifting Activity

With hundreds of candidates viewing the job description and a pool of passive candidates in the CRM, Renee sends email campaigns with information about your company and reminders to apply.


Communicate instantly with job seekers individually or in a group, and manage all of your communication in one place.

talent crm

Build a database full of talented professionals from your career site and ATS, and use advanced sorting and filtering tools so you only spend time on the candidates that matter most.

ai insights

Fit and engagement scoring enables recruiters to discover new job seekers, rediscover existing candidates, and identify talent trends in less time.


Create and manage email and SMS campaigns to nurture job seekers throughout their entire lifecycle.

boost recruiter efficiency and increase quality of hire.

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source quality talent with AI-fit scoring, promoting your best fit talent, first.

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nurture candidates with marketing tools that leverage every channel.

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use advanced filtering and dynamic lists to setup talent pools for hard-to-fill jobs.

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