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Recruiter Experience

Boost productivity, put tedious tasks on autopilot, and maximize your team's ability to streamline workflows.Book a Demo

Streamline, automate, and evolve your recruiting team


Build pipelines faster

Our ‘Feed the Nation’ campaign gave our recruiters an instant boost. They were able to fill business critical reqs quickly, and they were able to build out valuable talent pipelines to better position our business for a busy spring and summer."

Ann TaylorDirector of Talent Acquisition, Land O’Lakes
Using Phenom, Land O'Lakes simplified workflows and empowered recruiters to view the entire candidate pipeline and hiring process all from one place.Learn more

Boost recruiter efficiency

Phenom is brilliant for recruitment marketing — it delights candidates instead of making them feel like they’re just another number."

Sr. Specialist, Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing & SocialBrother
Discover how Brother International used Phenom to reinvent its employer brand and increase its application rate.Learn more

Transform into talent advisors

Phenom gives our team the ability to prioritize the most important personal interactions with candidates and employees. Since we’re automating routine tasks, we can focus more on the heart of Southwest: our people. Phenom’s been an amazing partner through it all."

Greg MuccioDirector of TA, Southwest Airlines
With Phenom, Southwest recruiters are getting more time to focus on building meaningful relationships with candidates and advising hiring managers.Learn more

What’s included

Build, engage, and track talent pipelines while boosting productivity with dynamic lists. Use AI to create actionable insights, fit scoring, and maximize your recruiting strategy.
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Screengrab of the Talent CRM interface within Phenom recruiter experience software
Engage and convert talent through emails that showcase your employer brand, feature open jobs, and nurture job seekers into applicants.
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Cascading example of marketing campaign options within Phenom recruiter experience to streamline how recruiters communicate with candidates
Reach candidates in real-time through texts, create keyword campaigns to grow your pipeline, and chat via popular messaging apps.
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Three examples of SMS text messaging and marketing campaigns that can be easily created and executed within Phenom recruiter experience
Automate interview scheduling to eliminate the tedious back-and-forth coordination so you can book candidate interviews — and hire — faster.
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Two screengrabs of interview times and dates on a calendar through the Phenom AI Scheduling feature available within the recruiter experience software
Accelerate and optimize candidate screening, helping hiring teams identify best-fit talent at scale.
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One-Way Video Interviews
Automatically record any interview, enabling your team to gain additional insights into candidate responses and improve collaboration between hiring decision makers.
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Phenom Interview Intelligence - Record, Review, and Collaborate

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