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Attract best-fit candidates faster, broaden talent pools, and engage with personalized job recommendations.Book a Demo

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Showcase your employer brand

Sweetwater Sound's Phenom Career Site

The ease of dropping in polished content has improved our branding capabilities. We’re showcasing culture-specific images and re-engaging more candidates than ever before.”

Jordan ApplegateSenior Director of Recruiting, Sweetwater Sound
With Phenom, Sweetwater Sound has hands-on control over their candidate experience where they want it. Intelligent automation takes care of the rest.Learn more

Deliver custom experiences

Southwest has a strong history and employer brand. Phenom helped showcase our story and brand in ways we couldn't do before the Phenom platform."

Greg MuccioDirector of Talent Acquisition, Southwest Airlines
Using Phenom, Southwest can personalize each candidate experience using tailored job recommendations and a variety of content that showcases their brand.Learn more

Match talent with the right role faster

Phenom’s AI is brilliant for recruitment marketing — it delights candidates instead of making them feel like they’re just another number."

Sr. Specialist, Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing & SocialBrother
Brother International is using Phenom to improve candidate conversion, connecting job seekers with best-fit job opportunities based on their unique experience, skills, and location.Learn more

What’s included

Deliver tailored job and content recommendations based on a job seeker’s skills, experience, resume, geographic location, and more.
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Person holding tablet viewing Land O' Lakes Phenom Career Site against a honey yellow background.
Use Content Management System to create, edit, and publish a personalized and engaging career site in minutes.
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Automate sourcing, screening, and scheduling while answering candidate FAQs with a conversational chatbot that works for you 24/7.
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Example of a job seeker engaging with a chatbot asking about available jobs with a populated job listing
Inspire job seekers with compelling video content that improves engagement and strengthens connections to your employer brand.
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Phenom Video Hub - Enhanced Employee Brand
Easily create, manage, and track all recruiting events — and measure ROI — even when you’re on the go.
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Phenom Event Builder
Easily create, manage, and track university and campus recruiting events — and measure ROI — even when you’re on the go.
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Three screengrabs of capabilities available to users within Phenom's event module mobile application

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