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i'm chloe

Meet Chloe. She’s searching for her next 
best opportunity on your career site. To 
see if it’s her next home, she watches a 
few employee testimonial videos, reads a 
blog post about the latest company event, 
and explores employee benefits.


shifting work into moments.

Chloe discovers your company would be a great place to work. While browsing your career site, she’s asked to upload a resume, answer a few questions about her experience, and connect a social profile. In seconds, relevant job opportunities display before her eyes.

CX Moments

As Chloe interacts on your site, her information is captured in the Phenom CRM—providing your team with the information they need to build a detailed talent pipeline, nurture active and passive leads, and drive applications. A better experience for candidates, a greater talent pipeline for you.


Connect candidates with the right job faster with 
a chatbot that delivers tailored job recommendations, 
schedules interviews, and answers FAQs.

career site

Enable candidates to experience true personalization on your career site. The more they interact, the better their experience becomes.

university recruiting

Attract more candidates at campus events with a mobile app & event module that speeds up lines, captures candidate data instantly, and automates long-term nurturing.

Hyper Personalized

attract and convert the right talent with Phenom CX

offer best-in-class search capabilities and connect with candidates on a mass scale.

engage candidates with personalized job recommendations and content.

integrate your ATS and let Phenom host the apply process to deliver a consistent experience.

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