The Phenom Approach to Ethical AI

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Our approach to artificial intelligence is rooted in the rigorous application of ethical principles and valid data science. We believe that AI should be a tool for good, promoting fairness, inclusivity, and respect for privacy and security. Our guiding principles drive the development of safe and explainable AI at Phenom. 

We're committed to maintaining the validity and reliability of our AI models by using job-relevant variables, never training on demographic or biometric inputs, and performing rigorous testing. When using Phenom, you can trust that you're using safe, fair, and ethically developed AI.

Our core principles of ethical AI

  • Help a Billion People

    Our purpose is to help a billion people find the right work. We empower customers to harness the power of AI to find, engage, hire, grow, and retain the best talent at scale. We strive to create safe, fair, and innovative AI models that can be used globally by billions of people.

  • Avoiding Bias

    A layered compliance and safety approach ensures our AI reduces bias and improves fairness. We also leverage science-based practices from industrial organizational psychology, machine learning, and statistics to deliver AI that makes efficient hiring more fair.

  • Human-in-the-Loop

    AI doesn’t replace the decision-making process for hiring and does not make automated decisions. It does empower humans to make more informed and more objective decisions. We advocate for human control to ensure that AI helps you find the right fit faster without undue influence on hiring.

  • Adaptive, Inclusive, Explainable

    We believe in the power of AI to inform fair hiring outcomes that empower all individuals to find the right work. Our AI models are designed to adapt to a variety of jobs and candidates and to explain their predictions.

  • Privacy and Security

    We uphold privacy rights and ensure the security of all data used in our AI systems. Unless necessary for the performance of the contract, Phenom does not share candidate Personal Identifiable Information (PII) with third parties. We comply with laws applicable to Phenom, including data protection and information security regulations.

Application of Ethical AI

Our experience layer uses AI to provide intelligent search, deliver contextual job recommendations, and answer frequently asked questions for candidates and employees.

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Our candidate sourcing features use AI to identify best-fit candidates for a specific job based on skills, job title, location, and experience.

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Example of AI cloud sourcing within Phenom's Talent Experience Management platform on a transparent background

Our recruiting efficiency products use AI to progress candidates through hiring stages, schedule interviews, transcribe and interpret interview audio in real-time, and more.

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Phenom Interview Intelligence - Standardized Candidate Screening

Our platform-wide generative AI helps talent acquisition and talent management professionals operate more efficiently by assisting with search, interview scheduling, writing emails, and more.

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(Image: Phenom X+ surfaces the latest pipeline for an open role and prompts a recruiter to take action)

Our workforce intelligence solution uses AI to create ontologies detailing skills and role relationships, provide employee development opportunities and ideal career paths, and facilitate succession planning.

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Phenom Workforce Intelligence

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