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Meet Eido, your newest employee. During onboarding, he creates an account in your employee portal. After providing information such as his skills, interests, and work history, he receives personalized content, including employee resource groups and events.

meet eido

shifting job redesign into evolution.

After a year, Eido is ready to plan how to advance within your company. After adding his goals and interests, he receives a tailored career path, skills gap analysis, and learning courses he can take to support his professional development.

EX Working

As Eido progresses in his career path and refers his network to open positions at your organization, the Phenom CRM is tracking everything. This helps your team identify positions Eido is best suited for, as well as his candidate recommendations.

internal mobility

Boost employee retention and employer advocacy by providing opportunities to apply for open internal positions, refer their networks, and discover ways to grow.

career pathing

Support employees as they identify job progression, future roles, and the skills required to get there.

diversity & inclusion

Empower employees to engage with groups representing various cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, and beliefs by providing access to employee resource groups.


Accelerate recruiting and employee engagement by allowing them to refer their professional connections and pursue internal networking opportunities.

EX Evolve

evolve and retain your best talent with Phenom EX

create personalized learning paths with recommended skill building courses.

hire talent faster for your projects using Phenom’s gig marketplace.

measure behavior on internal mobility with employee analytics.

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