Devin FosterOctober 01, 2019
Topics: Candidate Experience

Announcing Phenom Access for Out-of-the-Box Career Site Accessibility

Imagine designing your career site so only one type of candidate can apply at your company. That seems unimaginable—not only from a legal standpoint, but a moral one. Over the years, people have worked tirelessly to ensure equality in the workplace.

Unfortunately, most companies are still woefully behind on making career sites inclusive to people with disabilities, which means they face barriers before they even get started.

To help solve this challenge, we are introducing a way to ensure everyone can access your career site. Welcome to Phenom Access.

Screenshot of YouTube video that says Introducing Phenom Access

Phenom Access: Digital Accessibility Compliance, Instantly.

Phenom Access is a set of features within the Phenom Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform that enable you and your team to more easily support assistive technologies and WCAG 2.0 standards on your corporate career site(s).

All users of the Phenom TXM platform receive:

Easy Compliance: Career sites are WCAG 2.0 AA compliant out-of-the-box with pre-approved canvases and widgets.

Issue Flagging: Changes made within the Phenom CMS are automatically reviewed prior to publication and flagged for any compliance issues, followed by steps on how to meet the standards (coming soon).

Check out Phenom’s study on Fortune 100 career site accessibility

Although all companies have a long way to go toward full digital accessibility, Phenom Access is one big step toward affirming that all people get equal access to the right job.

To learn more about digital accessibility for career sites, watch our webinar on-demand or sign up for a demo today!

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