Sumita MehtaFebruary 12, 2020
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How Docebo + Phenom People Upskill Employees Through Learning & Development

As the war for talent continues, organizations are shifting their efforts towards a more reliable talent pool: their employees.

Despite the fact that many companies offer professional development initiatives, employees struggle to put those plans into action and achieve their goals. According to LinkedIn, 70% of talent professionals say their company currently identifies or plans to identify employees’ skills gaps. However, only 37% say their organization does a good job at helping to close those gaps.

Not only does this showcase the difficulties employees face when planning their professional development, it touches on the deeper struggles that often force them to leave their employers. Lack of training, upskilling, and opportunities to advance have all been cited by employees as the top reasons why they choose to quit their jobs.

So what’s the best way for organizations to help? Empower employees to have more control over their professional futures—which starts with providing access to learning and development
(L&D) opportunities.

To make this happen, we are thrilled to announce our integration partnership with Docebo, an AI-powered learning platform. Together, Phenom People and Docebo provide employees with learning courses that will help them develop specific skills and progress in their career path.

Learning Courses Delivered

Whether an employee wants to progress in their career, pursue a leadership role, or seek a new opportunity, internal mobility initiatives such as career pathing and upskilling help make it a reality.

Within Phenom Internal Mobility and Phenom Career Pathing, employees can discover the roles and skills required to help them make their next move. However, simply outlining a plan and skills isn’t enough—employees need the right tools that will help them get from one point to the next.

After their tailored path is developed, training content—powered by the Docebo Learning Platform—is then recommended to employees to help them build those skills.

Career pathing

How it works: Docebo automatically tags and analyzes content—which is uploaded by the employer—to produce deeper search results and understand who benefits from it most. Phenom AI ensures the right courses are delivered to employees, such as:

  • Formal training, such as onboarding, compliance, leadership training, sales training, etc.
  • Informal learning content generated by users, including videos, presentations, articles, etc.

New Insight Into the Employee Experience

While employees finally gain access to the learning resources they crave, management also benefits by gaining insight into their internal talent. With greater visibility into employees’ learning progress, management can easily identify when they should provide additional training and when they are ready for a promotion or new opportunity.

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Sumita Mehta

Sumita is part of the product management team at Phenom People, with a focus on the employee experience. She loves to cook vegan meals and enjoys traveling with her family.

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