Chelsea EatonApril 26, 2021
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The Path to Partnership: Phenom Introduces CORE

Digital transformation is critical to the evolution and success of every organization, and investing in effective technology is key — especially for HR teams.

Too often, however, tech vendors force customers into a box that they’ve defined during implementation, with little-to-no wiggle room to adapt to the customer’s unique situation and needs. They over-simplify the process, focusing on launching deliverables as fast as possible, without adequate planning for inherent tweaks and optimizations along the way. This creates a process that is historically rife with disparate communication and stress.

At Phenom, we’re in the business of experiences. And we believe that our customer experience — from the moment you sign to the day you launch and beyond — should be memorable, fun, and focused on you, the customer.

After seeing this opportunity, as well as the need to change the landscape of what it means to implement and use enterprise-level SaaS technology, our team gathered together to transform this process. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Phenom CORE.

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What is Phenom CORE?

Phenom CORE stands for Customer Onboarding & Readiness Experience. It is an exclusively Phenom-developed holistic strategy to guide our customers through onboarding, configuration, launch, user adoption, and strategic iterations.

Why did we release CORE? We believe that every single one of our customers deserves a partnership. It’s not just about implementing new software; it’s about onboarding to ensure adoption and success. We don’t just check boxes on a project plan. We build an experience designed to solve your pain points and capitalize on areas of opportunity. We know you chose Phenom for a reason, and we’re committed to making your vision a reality.

That means we don’t “cut-and-run” after launch. Your continued evolution as a part of the Phenom Phamily is critical — and so is asking the right questions. What metrics matter to you? What benchmarks are you trying to hit? How should we train your end-users to maximize adoption? Where can we adapt, evolve, and not only endure, but thrive?

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Breaking Down CORE

Phenom CORE consists of six distinct phases, all tailored to guide customers through their Phenom journey. Every customer-focused department (Engagement, Customer Success, and Account Management) works within the CORE framework to ensure synchronization of customer needs and continued progress:


Success is rooted in partnership and understanding. The focus of this stage is to obtain a holistic understanding of the customer’s context and needs from both a current and future state perspective.


Well-informed decisions drive maximum results. The focus of this stage is to define optimal platform configurations in line with the customer’s goals and objectives, and initiate change management and rollout planning.


The focus of this stage is to complete any deliverables, tasks, or changes needed to initially launch the Phenom platform or roll out new changes, updates, or business enhancements. Keeping teams aligned on priorities and objectives enables all parties to reach key milestones together.


Organizational readiness supports a successful rollout of any new change. The focus of this stage is to support customers in validating configurations, training users on new solutions or workflows, and finalizing communication and support plans.


Establishing goals and measuring outcomes is key to driving adoption and change. This stage is focused on monitoring user engagement and progress toward KPIs related to the newly launched changes.


Growth and evolution of how the platform is being used is critical to lasting success. This stage is focused on evaluating ongoing needs and goals to recommend and support additional changes and expansion opportunities, and support adoption.

With the launch of Phenom CORE, we have one goal in mind: to standardize what Phenom delivers while leaving room to adapt to what you, the customer, needs to achieve long-term success.

What does this mean for customers?

Our approach is to put the customer at the center of all we do. The six stages of CORE are meant to consistently and effectively meet customer needs. And the best part? CORE doesn’t stop at launch. Whether you’re a new or current Phenom customer, this framework is applied to support you, wherever you are in your Phenom journey. Evolution doesn’t happen overnight, or only once. It’s a continuous process — and one we feel privileged to be a part of.

Welcome to the new, “not normal” era of HR tech onboarding and adoption.

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Chelsea Eaton

Chelsea is on the training team at Phenom People, where she works to create a positive learning experience for Phenom customers. She also likes to play trivia and listen to a lot of Taylor Swift.

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