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Engage Employees with Phenom Career Pathing and Phenom Diversity & Inclusion

Employees are leaving companies at an alarming rate. But why?

Turnover occurs because companies fail to provide:

  • Ability to advance (66%)

  • Upskilling opportunities (65%)

  • Diversity initiatives (39%)

Yes, employee experience thrash is real—and expensive. Considering total turnover costs can reach up to 200% of annual salary, organizations must address their pain points to improve the experience and boost retention rates.

But they’re not on their own.

To help people better identify opportunities that further their careers and skills and connect with colleagues, we’re excited to introduce Phenom Career Pathing and Phenom Diversity & Inclusion as part of Phenom Internal Mobility & Employee Referrals.

Enhance the Employee Experience with Internal Mobility

Talent management teams have been using Phenom Internal Mobility & Employee Referrals to engage employees with a hyper-personalized employee career site, tailored job recommendations, chatbot, and referrals through AI-powered functionality.

Phenom Career Pathing and Phenom Diversity & Inclusion build upon that personalized experience by providing employees with the tools they need to identify career development opportunities and discover communities in their company.

Phenom Career Pathing

The reality is this: Over three million employees are quitting their jobs every month for reasons that are largely preventable. However, talent management teams that support professional development can make a positive impact. As team members realize they can attain the future they want within an organization, they become more productive, and profitability grows too.

With Phenom Career Pathing, internal talent can access a set of features that enable them to identify job progression, future roles, and the skills required to get there:

  • Employee aspiration, corporate evolution and market-driven career paths with fit scoring

  • Skills gap analysis with upskilling recommendations

  • Development tracks with AI-powered loops and triggers

Here’s how it works: Employees create a profile when they first log into the company’s internal career site. After uploading their skills, interests, the location where they want to work, and optional resume, they receive a list of personalized job recommendations. A fit score is also provided for each role, which indicates how qualified they are for any given position.

Once employees have insight into the skills needed to make them a better candidate for the role, they aren’t left to figure out next steps on their own. Educational courses are also recommended to guide them in developing missing competencies. Customers using Phenom Career Pathing can then connect to content they already have in their learning management system, as well as online learning resources such as Coursera and Pluralsight.

Employees have the ability to save courses, create collections, and mark courses as complete. All completed courses will add associated skills to their profile and are saved for future reference. Course information is also available in the CRM for recruiter visibility, revealing best-fit candidates within the organization.

Download of phenom image

Now let’s say someone wants to plan further out for the future, or even switch careers. Phenom Career Pathing can help them not only identify their next role at the company but also the path it takes to get there. Career paths are based on:

  • Employee aspiration: Roles are recommended based on their personal skills and ambitions.

  • Enterprise evolution: Company-sponsored job hierarchies/frameworks are delivered to help employees grow within the organization.

  • Market-driven data: Career paths are determined based on relevant market trends.

With a variety of options to choose from, you can ensure both employee and company needs are met.

Phenom Diversity & Inclusion

Companies that adopt a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion achieve greater innovation, increased productivity, and above-average returns. Today’s talent also values a sense of belonging and purpose, which is achieved when companies foster community.

Providing a single place for employees to network and exchange career advice helps them feel more connected to your company. Phenom Diversity & Inclusion does just that by promoting engagement with groups representing various cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, and beliefs, with powerful features like:

  • Employee resource group (ERG) creation with company-wide promotion

  • ERG activity notifications to keep members up to date

  • D&I events with simplified registration

Within each ERG, people can learn more about its mission, leaders, and upcoming group events.

Employee Resource Group

Read more about Employee Resource Groups

Activate Your Top Talent

We hope you’re inspired to start engaging your teams in ways you’ve never been able to before—and this is only the beginning!

Want to learn more about how you can enhance the employee experience with career pathing and diversity & inclusion? Sign up for our webinar on November 12!

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