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Everything You Need to Know About Phenom Explorer

At Phenom, training and learning is the foundation to successful project implementation and adoption. Because of this, we’ve upgraded our Learning Management System (LMS) — Phenom Explorer — to improve all users’ learning experience.

By utilizing adult learning theories as the basis for this upgrade, improving accessibility to translated content and data, and aligning each course to focus on the experiences for candidates, employees, recruiters, and managers, we’ve enhanced the LMS to enable users to:

  • Access an expansive list of courses
  • Generate individual and team reports
  • Self-direct their learning

With the new and improved Phenom Explorer comes a personalized approach that takes the load off your training leaders and provides users with the most up-to-date education program.

Welcome to Phenom Explorer

Let’s dive deeper into what that means for you as a Phenom Explorer user, and what you can expect when accessing the new platform.

What types of courses can users find in Phenom Explorer?

Within the LMS, customer can discover a wide array of courses, including:

  • Quick Tip Courses (25 courses and counting!): Five minutes or less, these courses focus on one or two best practices or product tips and allow you to filter by content. (Course Example: “Designing Your Internal Career Site with Widgets in the CMS”)
  • Product and Experience-Specific Courses: These courses either introduce or go in depth on a specific product, feature, or Phenom experience. (Course Example: “The Referral Journey & Tools for Building Your Program”)
  • Onboarding Courses: These courses walk a project team through exercises and tasks for different Phenom projects and configurations. They are also offered to Phenom employees for onboarding and compliance training. (Course Example: “Phenom Platform Provisioning”)
  • Program and Methodology Courses: These courses showcase Phenom culture, practices, and programs. (Course Example: “Leading Your Phenom TXM Platform Rollout”)
  • Governance Courses: These courses are for leadership and managers, and help build governance and resiliency strategies. (Course Example: “Monitoring and Reinforcing Change”)
  • Certification Program Learning Plans: These learning plans contain courses that outline and cover the certification curriculum and offer study resources leading up to the certification assessment. (Course Example: TXM Competency: Pipelining for Future Needs Certification)

During training discussions with users, the Knowledge Management Team helps establish the most important topics each team should learn based on their unique projects, product suite, and overall needs at Phenom. No two users are the same, and our LMS is tailored to your needs so you get the most value out of your learning experience.

Once you’re logged into the platform, you’ll have access to a list of courses assigned to you, as well as similar or relevant courses you may be interested in. The platform also alerts you with notifications about new courses, courses you’ve taken that have been upgraded with new content, or any other content relevant to your position.

When taking a course, all material covered in the course is provided in a table of contents, so you’ll know what you’ll be learning and what’s coming next. The course instructor is listed below for easy contact in case you have questions about the material, and a personal calendar automatically populates with your courses and deadlines. Finally, a file repository is attached to some courses for access to documents you may need during or after the course.

All courses can be taken as a stand-alone learning session or as part of a larger plan for your team. Users can search the LMS for specific courses based on title or related phrases, release date, content category, or length of course. We also encourage feedback — which you can give each course on a scale of 1-5 — to help us continually grow and develop the best material for you.

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What are the benefits of taking a learning course?

Taking courses through Phenom Explorer benefits all users because the knowledge gained helps maximize use of the platform to accomplish all your talent goals.

All courses in Phenom Explorer are essential to success with Phenom and its products, and because information is self-serve and can be accessed at any time, enablement is limitless!

Content is not only drawn from product release information and features, it also showcases specific examples and use cases, best practices, troubleshooting, and timing suggestions. Taking a course through Phenom Explorer shows a user not just how to do something, but why it’s important to their role.

As a leader in the industry, Phenom’s user education programs are held to the same standard and are backed by user and feedback data, as well as metrics that are used to make further improvements and updates.

How are courses tailored for each user’s unique role?

We’ve identified nine different HR roles— Recruiter, Sourcer, Hiring Manager, Recruitment Manager, Analyst, Talent Marketer, Brand Marketer, Event Marketer, and HRIS/IT — and have curated role-based training plans for each so that any user accessing our LMS will feel confident using our products.

For example, a hiring manager’s homepage will display all hiring manager app-specific courses, along with talent analytics courses, since these best fit their job description.

We have also organized the TXM Competency Certifications by role so that users can easily find and select courses that are most applicable to them, their platform, and their team’s needs.

As you continue to learn and explore new concepts, we encourage you to take time to consider how new information from courses can connect to what you already know and be applied to upcoming projects or tasks. This is also a great way to ensure that all team members have an opportunity to test out what they’ve learned in Phenom Explorer courses.

Phenom Explorer Persona Page

What does it mean to get certified with Phenom?

As mentioned, Phenom Explorer offers certification programs. Getting certified allows you to take your learning to the next level. It’s important to become a certified Phenom power user because it’s one of the best ways to invest in your organization’s future. By learning the software inside and out, you also learn how to initiate, plan, and support company-wide rollouts, as well as the ongoing adoption of the software.

In order to become a certified Phenom user, all courses within a certification program must be completed and the user must pass the certification exam. It’s important to note that certification programs are slightly longer because they are a collection of multiple courses. The certification exam is valid for one year, and users who pass receive a certificate and badge that can be shared on social media.

All Talent Experience Management (TXM) competency programs are available for all users — you can either self-enroll or be directly assigned. Phenom Explorer offers employee and partner-specific certifications as well, so there’s tailored learning for anyone who visits the platform.

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How can I generate reports?

An important feature of Phenom Explorer that cannot be overlooked is the ability to generate reports.

Administrators have a gear icon in their profile that allows them to pull and generate reports specific to the team or entire company. Reports are in real time and updated constantly, so you always have the most up-to-date information about your team’s usage.

Types of reports you can pull include course data, course enrollment time, usage of the entire organization, learning plans completion, user data, and training material completion status.

Using reports often is important to your software adoption. With reports, you can:

  • Save time and effort by generating new reports
  • Track data with scheduled reports
  • Send scheduled reports to relevant team members
  • Create custom reports based on the team’s needs
  • Save reports as PDFs

Even if you’re not a reporting administrator or partner, you can still see and download reports specific to your own usage in the learning platform.

Quick Reports

Best practices for using Phenom Explorer

The Knowledge Management Team strives to create a learning experience that makes sense for all users. We suggest the following tips for getting the most out of Phenom Explorer:

  • Use your “My Activities” page to track your course completions. Your goal is to decrease the amount of “in progress” courses you have.
  • Create healthy competition at your organization by comparing the user statistics provided in your profile page.
  • Complete persona-based courses. Since these are also included in certifications, by the time you’re ready to get certified, you’ll only have a few remaining courses left and can review any that you took previously to prepare for the exam.
  • Complete practice activities and reflection questions prior to a certification exam to ensure you understand the full functionality and are prepared to pass.
  • Rate courses after completion so we can ensure you have the best experience possible.

Ready to start maximizing the Phenom platform?
Log into Phenom Explorer here.

Hannah Gregory

Hannah is the Lead Certification Manager for the Phenom Knowledge Management Team, and oversees the Phenom Explorer LMS along with the training and certification programs it contains. In her spare time Hannah enjoys traveling, reading, running, and spending time with family and friends.

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