Samantha FinkenMay 23, 2019
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Ready to Run Better Campus Events? Try University Recruiting.

Picture it: You’re at the first campus career fair of the year. You are excited about this year’s graduates, who actually have amazing job prospects ahead of them—so you need to make an even better impression than in years past.

But there are some hiccups. Your line is long, and some students are getting impatient and walking away. You’re capturing notes so fast on resumes that later you can’t decipher what you wrote. Meanwhile, some hiring managers came along with you so they could conduct on-site interviews—but everyone is confused about the schedule. And when the day is over, no one on your team is exactly jumping at the chance to enter all of those resumes and notes manually into your CRM.

It’s a drag. But did you know it doesn’t have to be this way?

Enter Phenom University Recruiting.

As part of the Phenom Talent Experience Management platform, University Recruiting solves the pain points for everyone involved in a campus recruiting event—the recruiters, the hiring managers, and the student candidates—by attracting and engaging top students, keeping the event running smoothly, and tracking ROI. In the end, everyone can focus on what really matters: making meaningful connections.

Let’s dive into the awesome ways University Recruiting brings your on-campus recruiting efforts to the next level.

Screenshot of an event being built in University Recruiting

Easily build campus events that will be well-attended and productive.

Phenom University Recruiting lives in the events module of the Phenom CRM. What does that mean? All your event data can be used to expand your student candidate pipeline, launch email and SMS nurture campaigns, and track ROI—all in one place. You can also:

1. Assign event staff to the module even if they don’t have a Phenom license, such as hiring managers who will be attending and need visibility in the CRM.

2. Create and manage school profiles to keep contact information updated and track event ROI, including the conversions at each event (i.e., registered-to- attended to attended-to-hired).

3. Schedule interviews and calendar blocks for hiring managers to meet with A+ talent on site, who will be invited to select an interview time through their device at the event.

Screenshot of interview blocks

4. Promote your events through personalized email campaigns. For universities that allow students to pre-register to career fairs, you can send email nurture campaigns leading up to the event to share more information about your company, interview opportunities, and more. Attendees receive a link to fill out their profile and then receive a QR code to be scanned on site. This maximizes your face-to-face time with students at the event.

Bonus: You can also set up a unique texting shortcode (like USCFALL19), which allows attendees to text you directly to get a registration link. Post this shortcode in your booth or through social media so candidates who are busy or waiting in line at the event can easily receive a link to get registered.

Help the day run smoothly by using the mobile app.

Say goodbye to the days of taking notes on printed resumes and manually registering attendees at the event. Here are the ways using the mobile app—now available for download on iOS—keeps things moving along.

1. Manage attendees easily. Remember that QR code students received? On site you can use the mobile app to scan that code, which moves their status from “registered” to “attended” (for ROI tracking), and pulls up their information—including their digital resume—so you can jump right into building a strong connection with them.

Screenshot of managing the attendee in the app

2. Capture all talent information, even if it’s analog. Have a student with a printed resume? No problem. Use the app to scan their resume, which gets digitized through optical character recognition (OCR) and also syncs to the CRM.

Has a student come to your booth without registering? It’s all good. All you need is their name and email address, and they’ll be entered into the system so you can keep in touch.

Screenshot of registration page in app

3. Take notes discreetly on every candidate you meet. The app provides a few different ways of ranking candidates and capturing notes. The 1–5 rating and recommendation system helps standardize feedback, then pre-populated quick notes help capture key information quickly. Any additional information can be added to the freeform section. Then, you can designate the attendee to the correct nurturing stage for accurate follow-up later.

Bonus: You can designate talent as “not now” candidates, which means their graduation date might be far off or they still need to complete important certification before they can join your team. This puts them in the applicable email nurturing stream in your CRM.

Screenshot of ranking candidates in the app

Keep top candidates engaged after the event—even years afterwards.

Using Phenom University Recruiting to build your event and manage attendees on site comes to fruition well after the event, when you nurture those candidates in the Phenom CRM. Set up engaging, automated email and SMS campaigns based on the talent journey, whether their graduation or certification complete date is next month or two years from now. That means you could SMS a candidate the next day to thank them for attending the event, and then email them every few months—or years—to keep them connected. The possibilities are endless.

With Phenom University Recruiting, you’re enhancing the experience for everyone involved with a career fair.

Want to see Phenom University Recruiting in action? Watch our on-demand webinar.

Samantha Finken

Samantha is in content marketing at Phenom People, where she is passionate about enhancing every talent experience. She also enjoys taking photos, traveling, and bonding with her team. 

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