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Phenom Expands Intelligent Talent Experience Platform for HR and HRIS

After more than 11 years in enterprise HR tech, onboarding 500+ companies, and speaking with 700+ CHROs, we’ve concluded that the way winning companies approach talent has fundamentally changed.

Now, everyone is competing for talent everywhere. And if you’re not getting hiring, retention, and growth right, your organizational existence is in question.

The success of every business today relies on its ability to maximize the potential of its people through upskilling, development, and mobility from within. Not only does this help fill critical skill and competency gaps across teams, employees who are aware of the opportunities to learn and grow are also almost three times more engaged than those who aren't.

But where should employers start?

Hundreds of global enterprises have already been using AI, automation, and hyper-personalization to improve the experiences for candidates, employees, recruiters, and hiring managers.

To further align employee evolution with business growth and unlock workforce intelligence throughout the enterprise, we’ve innovated and expanded our platform to include personalized solutions for HR leaders and HRIS teams — ensuring employers get the tools they need to align the growth of their people with the growth of their business.

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Phenom HR Experience: Align Employee Development with Company Goals

To retain talent and drive business growth, HR leaders are being pressed to provide solutions for designing employee career paths that match the industry and market direction, identifying skill and competency gaps, and address Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) goals.

With Phenom HR Experience, HR and talent management teams can:

  • Digitize and consolidate skills, job architectures and employee profile data
  • Proactively identify skill and competency gaps at the enterprise level and within each department
  • Define employee career paths that can change as the business anticipates redistribution and growth
  • Identify DE&I opportunities across an organization and address them

Phenom HRIS Experience: Easily Integrate Your HR Tech to Create a Holistic Infrastructure

The role of HRIS has evolved beyond workflow configuration. Today, HRIS teams are searching for ways to identify how they’ll easily integrate HR tech, build intelligent HR systems, and get ahead of change management.

With Phenom HRIS Experience, IT teams can accelerate time to value, streamline implementations, and reduce total cost of ownership with tools that allow them to:

  • Scale traditionally complex operations with end-to-end integration management from a centralized self-service hub
  • Streamline integrations using API automation, out-of-the-box templates and pre-built connectors
  • Easily connect hundreds of third-party apps to maximize ATS, HCM, performance management, job distribution and LMS tools
  • Become proactive in HR systems’ adoption and change management processes

By seamlessly integrating HR solutions with their existing tech stack, companies are finally able to scale intelligent experiences in a way that truly ensures every talent moment is phenomenal.

How Intelligent Talent Experience is Transformational

With the competition for talent at an all-time high, every company is on a journey of talent transformation — moving from transactional talent processes to intelligent talent experiences.

The old tools weren’t built for this shift, and point solutions won’t propel the right growth. Stitching together point solutions has been the old way of doing things, but it will fail every time. Each new integration adds complexity for both HR and talent — it becomes costly, unstable, and creates a poor user experience.

Today, over 500 global enterprises are using our Intelligent Talent Experience platform to connect people, data, and interactions to deliver phenomenal moments with maximum efficiency throughout the talent journey.

Through AI, automation, and hyper-personalization, candidates find and choose the right job faster, employees develop their skills and evolve, recruiters become wildly productive, managers build stronger-performing teams, HR aligns employee development with company goals, and HRIS easily integrates existing HR tech to create a holistic infrastructure.

Future-Proofing Your Workforce

Though we may not be certain what the next chapter holds, one thing is clear: winning companies are doubling down on delivering phenomenal moments. And now by supporting workforce planning and simplifying HR tech infrastructures, organizations can take one step closer towards hiring faster, developing better, and retaining longer.

To experience the power of the Phenom platform in action, book a personalized demo with our experts.

We’ll also be demonstrating the impact of Intelligent Talent Experience at the following events:

  • HR Technology Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas on Sept. 13-16
  • Gartner ReimagineHR Conference in London on Sept. 15-16
  • Consero CHRO Forum in Houston on Oct. 9-11
  • UNLEASH World 2022 in Paris on Oct. 12-13
  • HR Healthcare in Austin on Oct. 24-25
  • Gartner ReimagineHR Conference in Orlando on Oct. 24-26

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