Devin FosterJune 12, 2020
Topics: Recruiter Experience

The Future of Virtual Hiring [Video]

Virtual events and live chat aren’t new—but they are necessities for recruiters right now.

In this first Talent Experience live episode, Phenom colleagues Natalie Mcknight, Sr. Director of customer success, Jen Nyman, TA Lead, and Jesus Latorre, Product Manager, explore how HR professionals can better engage with candidates and support brand awareness in an increasingly remote world.

Here's what we covered:

  • How recruiting and communication with candidates has changed since COVID-19

  • Different virtual event options and why they’re important

  • Ways to share company culture while offices are closed

  • What you need to know when creating, conducting, and promoting a virtual event

  • How technology and live chat can support your efforts

To learn more about how to conduct a successful virtual recruiting event, check out the blog recap of our recent webinar with Susan Senn, Enterprise Talent Engagement Manager at Guidewell.

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