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What is an Automated Interview Scheduling Tool and What Are the Benefits?

Despite fluctuating labor trends, it’s still a candidate’s market — with twice as many open positions as there are workers to fill them.

To capture quality candidates — who are only on the market for an average of ten days — companies must accelerate their hiring processes to create an efficient system for HR and TA teams. A solution for many companies is to adopt automated interview scheduling tools that can keep up with the fast-paced and competitive hiring market that is a recruiter’s day-to-day reality.

Not sure what an interview scheduling tool is, or if your company needs one? We’ve got you covered.

Continue reading to learn about how to automate interview scheduling and why these tools are becoming a necessity for companies to stay competitive.

What is automated interview scheduling ?

Put simply, AI scheduling automates the scheduling process for candidates, recruiters, hiring managers, and anyone else involved in the recruitment process. An automated interview scheduling tool does this by accessing hiring team members’ calendars and syncing their schedules so that candidates can easily choose a time for their interview that works best for all parties.

The best part is that this AI-powered tool keeps screening and interview scheduling going all day long without the need for a human to get involved at all. The tool matches recruiter availability with candidate availability and helps schedule (or reschedule) interviews automatically, sending out confirmation emails to candidates via email, SMS, or conversational chatbot.

Screenshot of an example of an interview scheduling tool

On the candidate’s end, the process is seamless. After going through the application and screening process, candidates are prompted to schedule an interview. Because the tool has already synced hiring team calendars, the candidate is given a list of times that the recruiter or hiring manager is available. 

All the candidate has to do is choose a time listed that works for them, and the interview is automatically scheduled. The tool can send follow-up messages and reminders about the upcoming interview as well.

Automated interview scheduling tools that utilize a chatbot, like Phenom AI Scheduling, can also recommend jobs to candidates based on their skills, location, interests, and experience. By asking a few questions to the candidate, the chatbot then suggests open positions at the company and can send the candidate directly to the job description from there. This saves candidates time looking for jobs and recruiters time finding candidates for open positions.

The process is just as seamless for recruiters. Using an automated interview scheduling tool like Phenom’s, recruiters can choose whether they would like to schedule a phone, virtual, or in-person interview with the candidate. They can then designate the length of the interview, and whether or not it will involve multiple people. 

Once that information is submitted in the CRM, the tool sends an interview invitation via email to the candidate, who chooses their preferred time. Once a time is selected, the tool adds the interview to the recruiter’s calendar automatically.

What are the benefits of interview scheduling tools? 

The best interview scheduling tools have a myriad of benefits:

1. Save time for both recruiters and candidates. 

Neither party has to spend time communicating back and forth to find an interview time that works best. An AI scheduling tool syncs TA team members’ schedules and automatically sends available times to candidates. All the candidate has to do is click — and their interview is set! 

Candidates can also access the tool to reschedule or even cancel interviews, all without having to wait for a recruiter to respond or confirm their new time. 

This type of automation also allows recruiters to become more strategic and efficient. With time freed up through the tool, recruiters can focus on building quality relationships with candidates and completing other important tasks they otherwise would have had to put on the back burner.

2. Provide constant communication and peace of mind to candidates.

The interview scheduling tool not only sends and receives all communication from the candidate, but it can also send reminder and follow-up messages, ensuring that a candidate never misses a communication. This gives candidates peace of mind when it comes to the date and time of their interview — and leaves them with a great impression of your company.

3. Qualify candidates faster and with confidence.

Through AI job matching capabilities, the tool can provide hiring teams with a list of qualified candidates based on pre-screening questions. Not only does this save recruiters time looking for candidates themselves, but it gives them confidence that the applicant is a good fit for the company.

4. Create an enhanced candidate experience that leaves a lasting impression on talent.

Many automated interview scheduling tools are able to personalize the hiring process through branded and customizable templates that represent your company and add authenticity to all communications with the candidate.

Not to mention, this kind of innovative technology is extremely appealing to Gen Z, who make up a large portion of the labor market. In fact, 66% expect a personalized experience on every website they visit, and applying to jobs is no different. If the application and interview scheduling process isn’t efficient, branded, or user-friendly, a Gen Z candidate will be quick to abandon it altogether. 

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Why automated interview scheduling?

The reality is that out of all the candidates who apply for a position, only one will get it. However, through the power of AI scheduling, you can create a personalized, streamlined, and innovative process that leaves candidates with a positive experience and impression of your company — even if they’re walking away without the position. 

And with the time it saves recruiters, you can capture the right candidates faster. 

See how you can improve recruiter efficiency and the candidate experience — book a demo of Phenom AI Scheduling.

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