Sally HartnellSeptember 29, 2022
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How to Hire Top Talent Faster with AI Scheduling

Consider this: In the U.S., the average time to hire across industries and functions is more than 30 business days. Meanwhile, top talent is only in the market for 10 days or less.

It’s no wonder 60% of recruiters say they regularly lose candidates before they’re able to schedule an interview.

Whether your organization is trying to hire a handful of knowledge workers or tackle high-volume hiring, everyone benefits when recruiters have the ability to identify and schedule interviews with the highest probability candidates first.

What’s so challenging about interview scheduling?

The back-and-forth nature of interview scheduling is time-consuming and tedious — between finding times that work for everyone, waiting for stakeholders to send their availability, time-zone conflicts, sending confirmations, rescheduling the interview, rescheduling again, and so on.

On average, recruiters spend ⅔ of their hiring time on this process! In today’s digital world, talent acquisition leaders are increasingly turning to technology to improve recruiter efficiency and accelerate the hiring process. As they do, there are some important factors to consider.

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Understanding hiring speed vs. hiring velocity

What’s the difference between speed and velocity? It’s a serious question. As part of a non-scientific survey, I posed this question to several people from a variety of backgrounds. What I learned is that there is plenty of room for ambiguity. It’s an especially important question in the context of today’s hiring challenges, because the difference matters.

Simply put, speed is how quickly something happens. Velocity is how quickly, and in what direction! This should be understood as organizations outline their requirements for automated interview scheduling solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

What are the pros and cons of AI interview scheduling?

There are several solutions available for companies who want to leverage artificial intelligence for automated interview scheduling. The question organizations should ask themselves is if their goal is to automate scheduling to achieve speed? Or is the goal to automate interview scheduling to achieve velocity?

Using AI scheduling software to improve hiring speed can help recruiters connect with the highest number of potential candidates, regardless of fit. The focus is typically on scheduling an initial meeting with candidates, rather than the entire recruitment process or candidate experience.

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Now let’s look at AI scheduling to achieve velocity — the ability to identify and connect with the best-fit talent first. This improves recruiter efficiency since they can connect with candidates in priority order and avoid spending time with candidates who are less likely to pan out. Reaching potential candidates quickly also minimizes the window of time in which those candidates are available to be lured away by competitors.

While finding and scheduling best-fit candidates quickly delivers many benefits to recruiters, that shouldn’t be the only goal when implementing AI scheduling. After all, the recruiter controls the interview process and has the ability to make or break the candidate experience.

With AI scheduling, hiring teams can impress job seekers and empower them to schedule (or reschedule) interviews at their convenience.

How does AI improve the interview scheduling process?

Do you enjoy watching shows and movies on Netflix, shopping on Amazon, or searching on Google? Those are just a few of many companies that use AI to give their users a great, personalized experience. The use of AI is so pervasive these days that we hardly notice it in our daily lives.

Why should it be any different for talent experiences? Phenom AI uses data and machine learning to personalize experiences for all stakeholders to help users get to the best destination, faster. You can get from Point A to Point B without artificial intelligence, but it’ll take you longer, cost you more, and it won’t consider your preferences or experience.

There’s a smarter way with AI scheduling — freeing recruiters from the time-consuming, mundane screening and scheduling tasks so their business can hire faster and at lower cost.

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AI scheduling helps increase acceptance rates from top talent by identifying and scheduling them first. It’s part of an efficient, personalized hiring process that delights job seekers, and improves speed and efficiency by keeping the screening process moving forward, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Convert Top Talent Faster With AI Scheduling

AI scheduling allows recruiters to get back to doing what they do best — making meaningful connections with potential candidates and helping hiring managers build teams faster. By leveraging AI and automation to take the time-consuming manual work out of scheduling and rescheduling interviews, your team can accelerate how quickly potential candidates take the next step and stay ahead of the competition.

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