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The Action of Automation: Three industry use cases for high-volume hiring

For industries that rely on high-volume hiring to fill frontline job roles, time is everything, the competition is fierce … and all too often, the candidate experience is broken. Companies need to streamline frontline recruiting processes to ensure lightning-fast application and interview scheduling, or risk being left behind. After all, if it takes longer to apply than to finish a latte, candidates will move on.

Hear directly from HR leaders at Baylor Scott & White Health, SASR Workforce Solutions, and Waste Connections, Inc. All three are transforming the high-volume hiring experience at their companies through the power of workflow automation — and getting rockstar results. 

Read on for the highlights, or watch the entire session on demand here!

The Challenges of High-Volume Hiring

According to current data from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, there are only 73 workers for every 100 open jobs. Convincing job seekers to choose you demands a great experience right from the start. 

Today, that means paper applications are out. Companies need to have many paths to meet candidates where they are: mobile, SMS, immediate scheduling capabilities, and conversational chatbots. These are the tools needed to attract and engage talent and keep your organization competitive. 

Phenom’s High-Volume Hiring solution uses workflow automations to drastically shorten the application, screening, and interview process. Here’s how three companies are using it to crush their goals in record time.

Connecting Qualified Applicants Directly with Hiring Managers 

Justin Hensley, Manager, Talent Operations & Programs, Baylor Scott & White Health

At Baylor Scott & White Health (BSW), the largest non-profit health system in the state of Texas, it became clear that staffing frontline positions depended on building greater agility into the hiring experience. They knew they needed to re-imagine recruiting processes to:

“We want to allow our recruiters to operate at the top of their license,” Hensley said. Instead of focusing on administrative tasks, they wanted to position recruiters to spend their time sourcing and pipelining for hard-to-fill roles. “The landscape is truly changing. If we’re not moving fast enough, we’re at risk of losing talent to competitors,” Hensley said.

Implementing Phenom’s solution has given Hensley and his team the tools they need to do that. A key improvement thanks to workflow automation? Candidates with right-fit profiles can schedule directly with a hiring leader during the application process. 

With this and other workflow automation-supported process improvements, BSW is seeing significant impact: 

  • 30% decrease in time to fill

  • 3:1 interview-to-hire ratio (improved from 8:1)

  • 20 minutes of recruiter time gained back per candidate

Fast-Tracking Candidates for Agile Retail Staffing

Bradley Cooper, AVP, Technology, SASR Workforce Solutions

Nationwide, retailers rely on SASR Workforce Solutions to get new hires in the door to staff new or remodeled store locations. SASR’s challenge? “At any given time, we don’t know where we need to hire,” Cooper explained. “We have to be very agile, but we also want to make sure we’re getting the best fit candidates at the right times for those customers.”  

Phenom’s solution helps SASR stay ahead of unpredictable staffing demands. Here’s how the high-volume hiring workflow automations are making a major difference in the candidate lifecycle experience:

  • 50% of all job applicants were fast-tracked to an interview without the need for a recruiter or hiring manager to review their application. 

  • 33 hours were shaved off the time it takes to schedule an interview for a job candidate. 

  • 30% of qualified job applicants who receive an invitation to schedule an interview do so within an hour.

Translation? Recruiters and hiring managers are connecting faster and more personally with best-fit candidates. “On a Saturday morning, I have a retail merchandiser sitting having their coffee. By the time they’re done with their coffee, they know they have an interview Monday morning and they know they don’t have to worry about it. They can relax,” Cooper said.

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Attracting Transportation Candidates Quickly

Alissa Price, Corporate Recruiting and Workday HRIS, Waste Connections, Inc.

As the third-largest waste services company in the U.S. and Canada, Waste Connections does 70% of its recruiting in the transportation and mechanics industry.  Considering that driver shortages are predicted to worsen through 2030, that’s a pretty daunting task. 

Then there’s the candidate attraction challenge. “As you can imagine, garbage is not the easiest job to sell to people,” Price noted. “But that’s leaving short what our company is.” Waste Connections is strong on employee empowerment and stays true to its values. Plus, garbage is a recession-proof industry, Price pointed out. 

To effectively reach talent, Waste Connections needed a tool that would quickly connect qualified candidates with a human voice to share that compelling employer value proposition. 

Phenom High-Volume Hiring has given Waste Connections a way to do that, with results beyond expectations:

  • More interviews, faster. 1,600+ interviews were scheduled in the first two weeks alone.

  • Improved interview-to-hire ratio. During the first two months after deploying High-Volume Hiring, the ratio of interviews to hires improved exponentially, with one department sending an offer to one out of every three candidates interviewed.

  • Decreased time to hire. Time savings have been significant. One division’s time to hire dropped by 10 days during the initial 8 week pilot.

  • High end-user satisfaction. Recruiters are reporting greater ease and efficiency. “We have to give recruiters tools to be successful with their jobs, or we’re not going to retain recruiters,” Price said. 

Because Phenom’s solution is designed to adapt to business growth and directly help solve their hiring shortage challenges, Price is excited to scale in the future with new workflow automations to keep the frontline candidates coming. 

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More about Phenom High-Volume Hiring

Baylor Scott & White, SASR, and Waste Connections aren’t the only companies benefitting from Phenom’s automated workflows and optimized processes for varying roles, locations, and seasonality.

Across the solution, Phenom sees 8,000 interviews per week scheduled through automation, and candidates can be screened and scheduled within 5 minutes compared to the 3 to 5 days that process typically takes without automations. That translates to candidates who are delighted, and talent organizations that get the right balance of quantity and quality in their pipelines.

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