The Automation Conversation: Find Out How You Can Fine-tune Your Hiring Workflows

Every talent acquisition and talent management practitioner seeks the same thing: to deliver highly-personalized experiences for candidates and employees. The challenge is, they’re currently being delivered by manual and time-consuming processes that hinder engagement and conversion.

Phenom can help. To get started, simply schedule time with one of our High-Volume Hiring and Automation Engine experts. We’ll show you how you can personalize every talent touchpoint at scale:

  • Identify where you can build, implement, and monitor automation workflows in talent lifecycle processes

  • Determine where you can reduce time to hire and enhance the talent experience by automating tedious sourcing, scoring, screening, and interview scheduling tasks

  • Talk about how automation can improve your efficiency and conversion rates so you can hire a larger volume of quality talent, fast!

  • Learn how automation can help you find your focus and repurpose your team’s energy to strategically acquire talent

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