John DealAugust 7, 2023
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Empower Employees to Evolve with Phenom, a G2 Leader for Talent Marketplace

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the secret to success lies not only in identifying the right talent, but also in helping them develop their career and harnessing their potential to drive innovation and growth.

Enter the talent marketplace — an emerging technology that connects employees with personalized opportunities for career pathing, upskilling, mentoring, gigs, internal mobility and more.

For organizations considering adopting a talent marketplace to drive employee development and retention, the true transformative power can only be realized when coupled with the right technology provider.

As a result, we’re excited to announce that Phenom was named a Leader and High Performer for Talent Marketplace Platforms by G2, the authentic peer review site. According to G2, products included in the “Leader” quadrant are rated highly by users and have substantial market presence.

G2 Talent Marketplace Platform Grid

About the G2 Talent Marketplace Platform Grid

According to G2, the Talent Marketplace software reviews are created based on qualitative and quantitative feedback from real platform users, all to help employers easily research the best software product for their business — and discover peers with similar experiences.

Product and vendor ratings are based on reviews from G2’s user community and other online sources, including social networks (read here for more details), while rankings are established based on customer satisfaction and market presence. To be a contender for the Talent Marketplace Platform grid, products were required to meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain a database of professional development opportunities, such as mentorships, projects, courses, or internal job postings

  • Create personalized career profiles for employees, based on each individual’s existing skills and career interests

  • Using artificial intelligence, match employees with relevant professional development experiences

  • Generate analytics reports on talent marketplace usage and/or employee skill attainment

What Puts Phenom Ahead of the Pack

With our single Intelligent Talent Experience platform, over 600 global brands are empowered to connect data, people, and interactions to deliver phenomenal moments with maximum efficiency.

Organizations leveraging Phenom Talent Marketplace are benefitting from the impact of AI technology to support growth and retention efforts:

  • “Not only have we modernized our tech stack for recruitment, Phenom has given us the opportunity to conduct cultural transformation and improve the way we manage internal sourcing, mobility and talent management processes.” - A global financial services provider

  • “Our ability to hire internally and mobilize employees rather than paying outside agencies gets better every year, thanks to Phenom.” - A technology and investment solutions provider

  • “Phenom has enabled us to introduce a new approach to internal sourcing — which builds a strong talent pipeline, offers hiring managers the best available candidates, reduces time to hire, and creates a better employee experience.” - A major logistics company

Talent Marketplace seamlessly connects employees with personalized opportunities based on their unique skills, competencies, experience, interests, location, and career goals, including:

Career Pathing: Help employees discover their next internal career move and the skills needed to get there. Powered by Phenom AI, this feature offers intelligent career path recommendations to each employee, giving them options to move up or across your organization..

Learning and Development: Educate internal talent with personalized courses to support upskilling and reskilling based on their projected career paths. Phenom Talent Marketplace is engineered to integrate with your existing learning management system (LMS) and learning experience platform (LXP) programs, and deliver a robust and tailored learning experience for employees. It helps create a clearer path of learning and development, inspiring your workforce to develop new skills instead of overwhelming them.

Mentoring: Empower and support employees throughout their career journey by connecting them with best-fit mentors. AI-based matching connects mentors and mentees, while engagement and monitoring tools allow everyone to stay connected and measure progress.

Gigs: Provide real-world experience through short-term work and project-based tasks that allow employees to develop their skills. Through a “gig model,” organizations can quickly adjust staffing volume to meet the needs of consumers and the market by empowering managers to create gig projects and hire from within..

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Foster engagement, community, and a sense of belonging by connecting colleagues. ERGs are also great for bringing visibility to professional development opportunities, mentorships and open jobs or gigs in other areas of the organization.

Referrals: Source talent faster by encouraging employees to share open roles with their personal and professional networks. By submitting referrals, employees can easily recommend jobs, track activity, and more.

In addition to talent marketplace technology, Phenom also empowers employers with the insights and personalization they need to identify and fill skills gaps throughout the company through:

Workforce intelligence is an AI-driven approach that replaces the manual effort required to create a skill and role architecture for your organization. It chews through large amounts of data to deliver an overview of your company’s roles, skills, and career progressions in a few weeks versus the manual process that took several years. This solution then provides you with several products that can help you take action on this newfound wealth of information.

Employee Relationship Management is the action center of workforce intelligence for HR business partners to consume the availability of skills and talent in their organization, as well as create detailed plans to upskill employees and track progress.

Succession Planning facilitates growth, development, and movement within the organization, providing a means to plan for the future. It identifies existing employees who are suitable for succession for specific roles, and determines eligibility and readiness based on tenure, performance, skills, competencies, and other relevant signals. This product makes it easy to add new employees to a succession plan, evaluate which successors have been assigned to specific roles, and move or grow employees in the organization.

People Manager provides business leaders with the actionable intelligence they need to build high-performing teams by surfacing an employee’s current sentiment, career growth plans, learning opportunities, recommendations for upskilling/reskilling, and overall talent retention effectiveness. It also simplifies the performance conversations managers need to have with their team by creating a centralized location for employee achievements.

What enables Phenom to deliver incredible personalized experiences at scale? Artificial intelligence and machine learning, which power the entire Phenom platform, and are essential to providing the personalization talent expects today.

Based on billions of data points collected over a decade of working with customers, Phenom leverages intelligence to bring hyper-personalization and accuracy throughout the entire journey for all — including candidates, employees, recruiters, managers, HR, and HRIS teams. The depth of our data and explainable approach to how AI works also ensures we can support employers through increasing global legislation around AI in HR tech.

Driving Employee Evolution for all Enterprises

The future of every organization depends on its ability to get hiring, development, and retention right — and Phenom is committed to supporting this talent evolution. That means continuously innovating and expanding our platform to ensure it’s meeting the needs of both employees and the business.

As companies navigate this pivotal time of transformation, those best positioned to thrive will be those who invest in the right intelligent tech that puts experience first.

See what Phenom Talent Marketplace can do for your organization — book a demo today.

John Deal

John is a product manager whose goal is to package Phenom's employee-centric culture into a solution that can be used by other organizations. He enjoys horror novels and running—mostly from age.

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