Regina Ramyata RaoOctober 20, 2020
Topics: Recruiter Experience

3 Ways AI Empowers Recruiters — Without Replacing Humans

The success of any organization’s recruitment strategy highly depends on how effectively it combines people, process, and technology intelligently to hire the perfect candidates.

New-age technologies that companies seek to improve the talent experience involve a fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) powered by machine learning (ML). AI is slowly becoming a significant part of the human experience, including the recruiting and job search experience. While adding AI to the recruiting process can be beneficial in many ways, it's important to know how to keep the hiring process as human as possible.

AI will radically alter how work gets done and who does it — the technology’s larger impact will be in complementing and augmenting human capabilities, not replacing them. It is just an assistive tool.

Humans and AI create synergy with each other's strengths through leadership, teamwork, creativity, and social skills of the former, and the speed, scalability, and quantitative capabilities of the latter. Let’s see how artificial intelligence for recruiters and HR professionals can work hand in hand to foster a better hiring environment.

1. AI can automate repetitive tasks, HR can concentrate on high-level tasks.

AI crunches data more quickly than the average human. Virtual assistants such as talent acquisition software can filter through thousands of applications in minutes to identify candidates that most closely align with the organization's objectives.

Virtual assistants such as chatbots and conversational AI can help HR become more efficient, especially by saving time. For example, AI can address repetitive queries on business policies, educate the new hires about the organization, and also assist the HR teams in effortlessly scheduling, managing, updating, and tracking employee calendars.

The administrative duties that AI can automate are plentiful. HR professionals will now be able to focus more on strategic planning at an organizational level.

Resource: The Definitive Guide to AI for Recruiting

2. AI can identify communication gaps, HR can personalize communication with candidates.

Traditional recruiting is reactive in nature — hiring managers have to flag job openings to HR teams. AI can auto-create recruitment requirements after analyzing gaps within organizations. Even if AI is self-learning, it is not self-aware.

While AI can identify the areas that need improvement, recruiters can have immediate and impactful conversations with the right candidates at the right times. These interactions with candidates can be kept human at necessary stages to boost candidate engagement, particularly during onboarding and conflict management — times when human empathy is essential. This human-machine collaboration enables companies to interact with employees and customers in novel and more effective ways.

3. AI can make hiring smarter, HR can hire smart candidates.

Only by adopting a truly automated top-of-funnel process can companies eliminate the bias and evaluate a much diverse pipeline during candidate screening. Correcting human bias is not easy, but AI can be designed to specifications to rectify this bias. By using set parameters to develop the criteria for an ideal candidate, the AI software can quickly identify the desirable elements through pattern recognition.

This cognitive thinking by AI can boost your department’s analytic and decision-making abilities by providing recommendations of a pool of qualified candidates. HR managers can use this information to target candidates that are most interested and qualified for the job to build a cohesive workforce.

The Way Forward

AI is a proven tool to improve KPIs such as cost per hire, time to hire, and quality of hire. One thing we realized is AI can never work alone — its outcomes have to be interpreted and made functional, which is only possible through the human quotient. Only with the help of HR teams can this intelligence become tangible and add transformational value to deliver a world-class candidate experience.

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