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How to Become an AI Expert on Your Team [VIDEO]

Eighty-eight percent of companies, on a global scale, already incorporate AI into their HR activities, according to Mercer's 2019 Global Talent Trends report, as published on SHRM.

But how can recruiters maximize its effectiveness for hiring best-fit talent faster?

During last week's episode of Talent Experience Live, Phenom's own Jonathan Dale, VP of Marketing and Tom Tate, Sr. Product Marketing Manager shared the keys to becoming an AI expert, ahead of our first-ever virtual event, AI & The Evolved Recruiter, which took place Nov. 22.


What are you most looking forward to out of the sessions that we'll be holding?

"Something that is near and dear to us at Phenom is the experience of using the platform - the candidate experience, the employee experience, the recruiter experience, and the manager experience," Tate said.

Users of software don't always love to see AI, he said. When it's good, AI blends into the background and end users don't really need to know how it works. However, TA teams need to understand the base level concepts because automation should be leveraged to find the best-fit candidates faster than if done without AI.

AI should be taking over tasks that keep recruiters from making meaningful connections with candidates.

There's a lot of content out there that's more confusing than it is enlightening, according to Tate. "With this event, we wanted to bring concepts of AI to HR practitioners in a way that is understandable, that is enjoyable to consume, and in a way that you can immediately start to apply these concepts to your day-to-day," he said.

AI and the Evolved Recruiter presented no-nonsense information about AI and related concepts, delivered in short sessions of 25 minutes or less. The event's snackable sessions allowed attendees to learn what they came to learn.

As a bonus, attendees would receive a copy of our exclusive E-book, The Definitive Guide to AI for Recruiting, fresh off the digital press!

"We're getting rid of the fluff, and we're focusing just on the actual content," Tate said prior to the event. "We're going to deliver it in a concise way and it's all going to be available on demand afterwards, too."

The most interesting session?

A session presented by John Sumser, Principal Analyst at HRExaminer, cleared up what many HR practitioners have come to believe AI is. Sumser addressed the realistic and practical daily uses of AI in the seat of the recruiter.

"When you look at the entire agenda, it's meant to talk about what's real and how you apply it to your daily role," Dale said.

Automation can make a big difference in the lives of recruiters so long as they understand how it fits into their daily routines. John Sumser's session also covered why it's important to understand what AI cannot do.

"AI is not once-and-done and when you think about AI and the misconceptions around AI … John really goes after it," Dale said.

Sumser's known for delivering an unbiased opinion, based on research and boots-on-the-ground inputs that he's getting, according to Tate.

Additionally, the session, Leveraging AI to Hire for Diversity, made sense out of humans having bias and AI having bias. Diversity is accomplished by joining the forces of humans and tech, and it must be spread over the full talent journey.

"We don't eliminate bias," Tate said. "We say 'reduce bias.'"

What else could attendees expect?

"We wanted to put together an event centered around AI, automation and intelligence to help HR professionals really understand what this means to their daily workflow and lives," Dale said days before the event. "So we created multiple sessions, we have two customers, folks who any HR professional can relate to because they're one in the same."

Phenom CEO Mahe Bayireddi shared his point of view on AI and how it helps recruiters. Rather than be all about tech, Mahe demonstrated how millions of recruiters can recruit talent by spending time with them and building relationships.

Of all years, this one in particular is one when we've had to evolve and we must continue to adapt. Bayireddi kicked things off by giving recruiters insight into boardroom conversations that they don't typically get.

AI & The Evolved Recruiter exclusively featured eight insightful sessions from 12 speakers, all in one day, and under the same virtual roof.

Each session is available on-demand -- watch when it best suits your schedule -- and walk away with real applications and strategies for making the most of AI for recruiting, talent acquisition, and talent management.

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