Ed NewmanMarch 22, 2017
Topics: Partnerships

Workday Recruiting is Rising

For the last 25 years I have watched corporations engage in what seems like a game of ATS Roulette. This is a game where you switch applicant tracking systems every 4-5 years in hopes that the next one won't make you want to blow your head off. I have been witness to the many shifts in recruiting technology and from my perspective there are three distinct periods that have led us to where we are today.

Here is a quick run down:

Early Days - In 1990 the first enterprise level ATS systems were Resumix and Restrac. HCM providers like SAP and Peoplesoft were very willing to partner with these start ups to avoid having to build the key differentiating feature of scanning and processing high volumes of resumes.

Web Proliferation Era - The ability to deliver software via the web reduced the barriers to enter, and we saw many new ATS providers emerge as well as learning and performance products. This woke up the HCM providers as they began to see this proliferation as a threat to their core business. Game on.

Talent Management Era - As integrated talent management became the holy grail, all niche solutions began to go horizontal in a race to create the unified TM suite. Of course the HCM platforms already claimed to have it. When it became clear that the TM layer was worth billions, the consolidation came.(SuccessFactors, Taleo, Kenexa).

So, now we are in the Post Consolidation Era, and selecting an applicant tracking system has changed dramatically. There are still a few stand alone ATS products available, but for large enterprises, the choices are limited and the decision is now highly dependent upon which HCM product has been deployed.

Enter Workday.

For anyone who has been paying attention, Workday Recruiting has been on the rise. As Workday continues to grow its HCM customer base, more and more of these clients are choosing to deploy Workday Recruiting in lieu of whatever niche ATS product they have installed. Unlike their competitors, you cannot buy Workday Recruiting as a stand alone product - it only comes as a complete HCM package.

As a member of the Workday Partner ecosystem, we have worked closely with the product and completed many integrations between Phenom People and Workday Recruiting. The clients are fully aware that Workday Recruiting is a relatively new module and might not have every feature of the mature ATS market, but there is enough there with the promise of a truly unified platform to seal the deal. This kind of market traction is significant because it means customers are buying into their vision and believe the ability to innovate is of greater importance than any individual legacy feature or function.


In my next post, I will delve into some of the unique advantages of a Workday Recruiting and Phenom People integration. Stay tuned...

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