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Career Pathing

Leverage Phenom's skills ontology to rapidly create and deploy a role architecture that will empower your employees with clear career and upskilling options.Book a Demo

Discover the path forward

  • Give Employees Clarity

    Showcase multiple internal career options and the skills required to get there.

  • Deploy Rapidly

    Eliminate manual tasks by using an AI-assisted tool that cuts skill mapping from years to days.

  • Retain Top Talent

    Proactively engage high-potential employees to meet your business' evolving needs.

Find your next move

Employees can identify and plan their career progression or move into other areas of your organization with employee-, corporate-, and market-driven career paths.
Screengrab of career development features available within Phenom's employee experience software
Gather your roles, skills, and progressions rapidly by leveraging our ontology, and fine-tune to provide the best skills gap analysis and employee career options.
Dynamic Skills Architecture
Make it easier for employees to progress in their career paths and gain new skills through personalized learning and development courses from your LMS or user-generated content.
Personalize Learning

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