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Talent Analytics

Enhance your end-to-end talent experience with real-time hiring insights, including source of candidates, application conversion rates, as well as campaign and job board performance.Book a Demo

Gain a pulse on your talent data

  • Access Real-Time Data

    Integrate with your ATS for an end-to-end view of your talent experience.

  • Discover Actionable Insights

    Identify your most effective efforts and optimize low-performing campaigns to maximize ROI.

  • Evangelize Success

    Keep hiring managers and executives informed with up-to-date reporting.

Measure performance & make data-driven decisions

Identify who is visiting your site, as well as content they’re engaging with. View forecasting trends based on predictive analytics to determine if your strategies are on the right track.
Examples of job seeker behavior analytics and forecasting powered by Phenom AI and deep learning
Get insight into where candidates are coming from, including paid and organic traffic channels such as job boards, social media, and search.
Three examples of talent attribution data showcased through charts, pie graphs, and bar graphs
Measure engagement for email, SMS, and chatbot campaigns to identify trends and opportunities.
Three examples of data available within the campaign performance management feature available within Phenom's HR technology software
Powered by a real-time integration with your ATS, hiring dashboards allow you to filter candidate data based on status.
Four examples of talent analytics and charts available within the Phenom Hiring Manager Experience dashboard

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