Kristina FinsethFebruary 02, 2017
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Millennials: Lazy, Entitled, Job Hoppers?

The heated debate over those classified as “millennials” is still going strong, and quite frankly - I’m tired of hearing about it. Honestly, at 32 years old, I technically fall into the Millennial category. With that label, there are a lot of aspects that I embrace – such as being technology-driven, open-minded, self-expressive, outgoing, and very accepting of new ideas.

But, there are also a few myths that I want to dispel.

Millennials are Job Hoppers In recent years, there are people of all ages and classifications that have been job hopping. As the economy continues to strengthen, the unemployment rate is also going down significantly. Most people feel that they need to switch jobs in order to get a promotion and better pay. After all, it’s a candidate-driven market, and people know that when they are ready to make a move – they have the upper hand.

Millennials are actually challenging what a traditional career path has looked like for many in the past. They aren’t looking to go to work each day from nine-to-five just to do the same thing day in and day out – coming home and doing it all over again tomorrow.

Millennials are going to stay at a job as long as they are challenged, as long as they feel like they are doing purpose-driven work, as long as the organization is working toward philanthropic endeavors, and as long as they are rewarded for the work they are doing. If one or more of those are missing, millennials are going to “job hop” over to a new place with a new challenge. What could possibly be wrong with wanting more?

Millennials are Entitled If you’re a millennial reading this post – do you feel entitled? I can’t speak for all millennials, but I don’t feel entitled at all. In fact, I have felt driven since I was younger to make an impact in my life and the lives of others. I’ve always strived for more, and I’ve never felt that anything should be handed to me because I was entitled to it. Hard work and dedication have always been core values for me, and I know it’s that way for many millennials as well.

Especially with the increase in student debt, more and more millennials are out to prove themselves in the workforce and quickly climb the ladder. All of this is to help validate their educational pursuits, and to work toward paying off that student debt as quickly as possible.

Millennials are Lazy Work-life balance has been a struggle for many people, but I truly believe that millennials are the first to truly “get it.” It’s not about work-life balance. Millennials want to work at a company where work-life integration is acceptable – a place where work isn’t defined by being in the office non-stop. Whether it’s the ability to work remotely, the opportunity to travel, or unlimited time off – these are things that matter.

Does that make them lazy? I don’t think so. In fact, I think that it makes millennials more effective at their jobs, more driven to succeed, and it shows that working non-stop isn’t what people should strive for in life.

Next time you see a “millennial,” be sure to thank them for challenging the status quo.


What are your thoughts on the millennial debate?

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